Discover Top Smartphone Performance with the Samsung Galaxy A20

The versatile Samsung Galaxy A20 smartphone is available now from Consumer Cellular. It includes a robust selection of many of the features found in Samsung’s premium devices, but in a more affordable package.

The 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display delivers sharp color and brightness, and includes a dark mode for more comfortable viewing at night. A dual lens rear camera packs a 13MP lens and a 5MP wide-angle lens to capture crisp, clear images. There’s a Live Focus option to bring added depth to portraits, and an 8MP front-facing camera for “selfie” fans.

Where the Samsung Galaxy A20 really shines is in the power department. An impressive 4,000 mAh battery delivers up to 31 hours talk time on a single charge, plus there’s a built-in fast charging option for when you need a quick boost. The phone comes with 32GB of built-in memory, which can easily be expanded up to a whopping 512GB by adding a microSD card (these are sold separately.)

Priced at just $180, the Samsung Galaxy A20 is an attractive option for budget-minded smartphone shoppers. Backed by Samsung’s reputation for quality and loaded with much of today’s top technology, it delivers equal parts excellent performance and top value. You can get started with yours today online, by calling customer support at (888) 345-5509 or by finding our display at any Target store near you.

27 Thoughts on "Discover Top Smartphone Performance with the Samsung Galaxy A20"

  1. Patrick Cox says

    Can you bring your current phone? What does it involve if you can bring your current phone?

    reply to Patrick

  2. Karla says

    How does 1 reset their password on voice message

    reply to Karla

  3. George says

    I do not see a provision for a person to contact your company if they lose their phone. What can I do to recover my phone?

    reply to George

  4. ROY MCLEMORE says

    Is the operating system on the new Samsung Galaxy A20 a 9.0 Android Pie?

    reply to ROY

  5. Bob Haight says

    I have a week left on my contract with Consumer Cellular. Can I still get this sale after the 27th of Nov?

    reply to Bob

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      That’s a great question, Bob. For clarification, we don’t have any contracts with our service. The $170.00 plus tax sale price of the Samsung Galaxy A20 will last from 11/1/2019 – 11/30/2019.

      reply to Nicole

  6. Brenda Condry says

    My moms cusumer cellular phone broke. If she gets another one from you can you transfer her pictures and videos.

    reply to Brenda

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Brenda, if she is switching from another Android smartphone the easiest way to transfer the information is through a Google account. We would be happy to help with that if she calls us at 888-345-5509.

      reply to Nicole

  7. Mack says

    Live chat not working

    reply to Mack

    • Hi Mack, thanks for your post! Keep in mind that our live chat agents aren’t actually in the queue until 7:00 AM Pacific Time. If you’re still having trouble reaching someone after that time has passed, let us know as soon as possible by giving us a call at 888-548-6490 so we can look into that.

      reply to Jacob

  8. Rich says

    My mother got your Galaxy A20 as a gift from my Sister. The drop call problem was first dismissed as Mom got a new phone that made her real happy. The phone now drops within a 5 second pickup lucky to get more than a minute.
    What is your warranty on this phone and if it is under warranty how would she handle it. Thank you, Rich S

    reply to Rich

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Rich, if she’s experiencing dropped calls that is more likely to do with the service in her area rather than the device. However, our team is happy to look into this and troubleshoot this with her if she gives us a call at 888-345-5509 or chats with us here. All of our factory new phones come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty if the issue ends up being with the device instead of the service, but troubleshooting does need to be completed first.

      reply to Nicole

  9. Rich says

    I will have her try, she told me it won’t stay connected long enough to call you.

    reply to Rich

  10. Rich says

    She is in Mary Esther FL, Is there a location she can bring it to for Troubleshooting of the phone.

    reply to Rich

  11. Clifford B Jackson says

    Is the A20 for $180 still available. I am new to consumer cellular. Looking for two new phones and two lines. We are AARP members. 10 GB data plan is enough for us, but want a good smartphone. Cliff Jackson

    reply to Clifford

  12. Eric says

    If i have a A20 from consumer cellular am i able to use it on another carriers network if i decide to open an account elsewhere?

    reply to Eric

  13. Ed says

    Do i need a gmail acount to access google maps? If I do how do I access the inet from my a20 screen?

    reply to Ed

  14. Jerry Enyeart says

    is an owners manual for the galaxy a20 available?

    reply to Jerry

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