The Motorola Moto E6 Delivers Pleasing Performance & Value

The Motorola Moto E6 is an ultra-affordable Android smartphone designed for buyers on a budget or someone looking to step up to their first smartphone. For just $80, you get plenty for your money, including a large screen, good battery life and overall nice design. 

The phone features a 5.5” MaxVision HD+ screen that lets you see more while scrolling less. It’s a perfect platform for taking and viewing the vivid photos you’ll capture using the 13MP rear camera or 5MP front-facing “selfie” camera. There’s also full HD video capture and playback.

The Motorola Moto E6 capably handles every smartphone task with its Android Pie operating system and 1.4GHz octa-core processor. It comes with 32GB of memory which can be expanded up to 256GB with the addition of a separately purchased MicroSD card, and a 3,000 mAh battery offers reliable all-day use. It also includes Motorola’s trademark water-repellent coating for extra durability, and is light and fairly compact, making it convenient to carry or pack for travel.

We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of great smartphone choices for any type of user, and with the Motorola Moto E6 you can count on another excellent value. Motorola has been a top brand in the world of electronics for decades, and brings its reputation to bear with its line of well-designed, budget friendly smartphones.

Get started with a Motorola Moto E6 smartphone for yourself or a loved one today. You can order online or by calling customer support at (888) 345-5509, or look for our display at any Target store near you.

17 Thoughts on "The Motorola Moto E6 Delivers Pleasing Performance & Value"

  1. Charles L Cruthers Jr says

    I love the Motorola that I have now and the price sounds right so when I make my payment automatically would it be possible to purchase that phone at the same time will the deal still be available on the 7th of next month?

    reply to Charles

    • Hi Charles, thanks for your questions! You would be welcome to give us a call at 800-686-4460 or go online to your account here to place the order for that Motorola Moto E6. The low cost of $80 plus sales tax is actually the normal price for the phone, it’s not on sale, so that price will be waiting for you whenever you’re ready to order!

      reply to Jacob

  2. Roger says

    Where can you get these in what stores in Christiansburg VA.24073

    reply to Roger

  3. Alan Packer says

    what is the difference between a link phone & a basic Motorola phone other than price. I am a current senior customer & aarp member & my current phone has to be charged at least twice a day.

    reply to Alan

    • Hi Alan, thanks for posting your questions! The main difference is that the Consumer Cellular Link is a flip phone, so it’s set up for basic functions such as calling or texting, whereas our Motorola phones are all smartphones meaning that they can do those features and so much more. If you went with a Motorola you could even go online, use different applications such as social media options, and check your email if that was something you wanted to do!

      reply to Jacob

  4. Thomas esler says

    I wold like to know more about this more about the Moto e6

    reply to Thomas

  5. wil shaw says

    Are there/will there be updates for this phone

    reply to wil

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      That’s a great question, Wil. Software updates for any phones on our service are pushed to the device by the manufacturer, so we don’t have a timeline of if or when an update may be available for a particular phone, including the Motorola Moto E6.

      reply to Nicole

  6. Kenny Phelps says

    Can you make payments to pay it out by adding it to my bill each month

    reply to Kenny

  7. Thomas G. Clark says

    I will be going to the Target store in Greensburg PA to buy my very first cell phone on 12/19/2019 , which also is my 80th birthday,will be buying the MOTO E6 black Android Smartphone ,also an update for my wife’s flip phone. Thank you for the info.found on this site ,it was very helpful.

    reply to Thomas

  8. Larry says

    When will CC start offering the 2020 Motorola Moto G Power and the 2020 Moto G Stylus?

    reply to Larry

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for taking the time to post, Larry. We currently don’t know if we will be offering the 2020 Motorola Moto G Power and the 2020 Moto G Stylus with our service. In general, we don’t have release dates for any phones with our service, so if this is something we offer in the future, our website would be updated at that time.

      reply to Nicole

  9. Lisa says

    OK CC. Here’s your challenge: you are right-handed BUT…
    Both your left arm AND left hand are perm disabled. Your disabled hand is prone to dropping even lightweight items. Moreover, the finger strength, dexterity & control of left fingers are all but gone.

    Ques: What would you buy… A Flip or non flip phone??
    Think of ‘too problematic’, in deciding.

    Obviously, I’m torn on what to replace my 3G Doro 626 Flip with. I’ve been spoiled by a 1-handed operation! Internet capability is nice but not required. Yet, I’ve read a LOT of complaints re Flip Alcatel sound, Doro senior flips too big, Link Flip poor performance & flimsy. ETC!

    So, what would you buy– on a tight budget?

    reply to Lisa

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Lisa, thank you for taking the time to post. Based on that information, I’d recommend the Doro 7050. However, if you are interested in trying a smartphone, then I’d recommend the ZTE Avid 559. If you have concerns about dropping the phone and damaging it, you do have the option to purchase a SquareTrade protection plan, which would allow for the phone to be replaced if it is damaged.

      reply to Nicole

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