Consumer Cellular Plans – Flexible to Meet your Needs

As you know, Consumer Cellular customers are not required to sign contracts. But did you know you can change your voice or data plan at any time – even retroactively – to ensure you get the best possible pricing? This way you can avoid unnecessary overage fees and be secure knowing your cell phone plan will meet your needs. It’s easy. There’s no penalty. And it puts you in control of your cell phone budget. After all, who knows your cell phone needs better than you? In this short video, I walk you through the simple process. It only takes a few minutes and could end up saving you money. Feel free to check out the video. I think you’ll be glad you did.

How to Change your Cell Phone Plan Anytime from Consumer Cellular on Vimeo.

15 Thoughts on "Consumer Cellular Plans – Flexible to Meet your Needs"

  1. Peggy Vincent says

    Hello, I haven't used my cell phone that much so I hope you can answer a question. Can I call anywhere in the US with the monthly flat fee?
    I am thinking of getting rid of ATT and using my cell phone exclusively.
    xo Peggy

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    • Dominic at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Peggy. Thanks for the question. With our affordable cell phone plans, you're able to call anywhere within the United States without incurring any long distance fees. You may travel throughout the country and use your cell phone freely without worrying about roaming fees as well. If you need any additional assistance, please feel free to contact us at either [email protected] or at 888-548-6490. Thank you.

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  2. Keith Gunderson says

    I am looking into becoming a CC client. I'm quite certain it will happen. I am very impressed with what I have read about the company. I am traveling to Norway this summer.
    If I become a CC client, will by phone work in Norway?

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    • Dominic at Consumer Cellular says

      Thanks for the question, Keith. Our cell phone service is intended for use within the Unites States. Our service won't work in foreign countries. Thank you.

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  3. Sallie says

    I just wanted to say that after I left the blog about having problems with the service,Someone did call and straighten out my bill 🙂 Thank you consumer cellular 🙂

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  4. Bob Bingamon says

    I have been a CC user for over a week now, and I must say it has been a very satisfying experience. I have known for years I've been paying to much but just did not take the time to check out other carriers. For a couple months now I checked into a couple of companies only to find they had drawbacks based on reviews. I went to Sears and was greeted by a polite and knowledgeable store associate who explained many of the details, which impressed me so much, I bought my first smart phone and my wife liked the flip phone so she got the black one. Came home and called CC; got it all done in way less than an hour! YEAH! Customer Service Reps are right here in good ol' USA!! It feels so relaxing not being tethered to a 2-yr contract on each phone all the time!! I see why you are #1 Rated Cell Phone Company in U.S.!!

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  5. Craig L says

    I really like the no contract plans. I had a cell phone for a decade through my employer. They dropped the employee cell phones due to an IRS problem. I went to their cell phone service provider to continue my service. I couldn't believe the cost and the pressure to lock me into a 2 year contract. I walked away and was just going to get by without a cell phone. Then I found Consumer Cellular in a Google search. I was afraid of it at first. No one in my area that I talked to had ever heard of it. Then I found that it was on one of the major carrier's towers and had nationwide coverage. I decided to give it a try and am happy that I did. This past summer, I had a death in the family, and had to travel a long distance through several states. I was able to change my plan for that month to allow more minutes, so I could keep in touch back home. I had excellent service through 6 states. Last week I added another line to my plan, and ordered a phone for another family member. The website works well, and it is extremely easy to make a payment online by credit card. Please keep up the good work!

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  6. Judy Bargay says

    We have been with Consumer Cellular for a few months now and absolutely love it. GREAT customer service! I had to call regarding a billing issue and the representative was extremely helpful and courteous. She ended up saving me some money by switching my cell phone plan. We have had absolutely no issues with the phone or the service. Great company!!

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  7. OLGA says

    I just have to tell you that I switched from Sprint 7/4/2013 after 13 years and I am so happy, I read somewhere that CC”s customer service was bad but every time I call I get great service, very helpful ,I was just in Sears the other day and saw two separate senior citizens looking at the prepaid phones I told the about CC and how “HAPPY” I was so they decided to buy CC
    phones.The only thing is that I bought 2 Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate phones from CC and is now too late to add the protection plan because you just added it and I have the 2 phones for just over 2 months now,too late to send them back and I would of have loved to have my protection plan for those 2 phones.I didn”t know that Sears has these phones for sale and I could have gotten the protection plan with them 2 months ago.

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  8. David Nixon says

    I am in LOVE with consumer cellular. Thank you for all the features you have in place in favor of your customers. This truly is the best cell phone company ever formed and obviously the people in charge are NOT greedy. Thank you for increasing our usage limits with out raising the price.

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  9. Jerry Holm says

    In the past CC customer service has been outstanding, but my recent experience is otherwise. First, my old phone expired and I then ordered a Moto G which arrived promptly. I then activated the new Sim chip, which deactivated the old. To no fault of CC, of course, the new phone then malfunctioned within an hour. I subsequently contacted CC and was told a new phone would be shipped but there was no ability to reactivate the old Sim once deactivated. In Europe I am aware that Sim chips can be activated/deactivate and usage transferred to new chips, etc. I have now been without phone service for four days! This is not good customer service obviously, and I suggest changes to the CC system. By the way, one CC representative sent me on a wild goose chase to a local Radio Shack store to purchase a new Sim chip and that store did not support CC.

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  10. Pat Hutchings says

    I need to pay my bill

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    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      We can help you with that, Pat! You can pay your bill online through My Account, or we can help you over the phone at 888-345-5509. Just pick the option that will be most convenient for you. Thanks for posting!

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  11. Erin says

    Need help, my step father passed away and we need to cancel his Consumer Cellular account. They have already told my mother they will not take the phones they still owe on back because of COVID. What information do we need to provide for them to cancel the account? Will his death certificate suffice? And what do we do with his phone? Once they write this off will it then be unlocked? We do not have a use for it and would like to donate it since CC will not accept it back. Please help!

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    • Hi Erin, thank you for your post. I’m sorry to hear about the passing of your stepfather and on behalf of Consumer Cellular, offer our condolences to your family. You, or your mother, are welcome to give us a call and ask to cancel the account completely. We aren’t able to unlock a phone until it’s paid in full.

      reply to Jacob

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