We at Consumer Cellular are ecstatic about this year’s holiday season, and we know you are too! To kick things off, we are giving away a free Samsung Galaxy A13 5G device on our Facebook page! Add a comment to our Black Friday post by 11/25 for your chance to win. All you need to do is tell us what your family does with your Thanksgiving leftovers!

Experience the Samsung Galaxy A13 5G in all its glory, with an impressive 6.5″ Infinity V display, promising you a satisfying viewing experience. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy A13 5G features an impressive 50MP main camera, bringing you an incredibly high-definition photography experience that will make every picture look professional. If you’re looking for a phone to take selfies with, the Samsung Galaxy A13 5G makes that possible with a 5MP front facing camera, allowing you to take great looking pictures of yourself with friends, kids, or grandkids in spectacular fashion.

The battery capabilities on the Samsung Galaxy A13 5G are incredible for those on the go and for those taking it easy, featuring up to 38 hours of talk time, 25 days standby time, and a lightning-fast recharge. This makes it easier than ever to live your life knowing that you can be reached by loved ones but not have to worry about constantly charging your phone.

This amazing giveaway can be found on Consumer Cellular’s Facebook page. Just comment on the Consumer Cellular post about the giveaway, and the winning comment will be announced the next day (11/26). The only thing better than getting an awesome deal on Black Friday is winning a free Samsung Galaxy A13 5G! Remember to check Consumer Cellular’s Facebook page on Black Friday and comment for your chance to win!  


  1. thomas bannon says

    i have comsumer cell fo at leste 10 years and have very happy with there servers

    reply to thomas

  2. Kenny S says

    I always seem to be working but when I do get home, we have dinner but there isn’t much left afterwards

    reply to Kenny

  3. RJ Levesque, Jr. says

    I have a request that I am sure all your customers would greatly appreciate also. PLEASE start offering phones with larger hard drives. All the companies offer larger hard drives in the models you offer. It takes no time at all to run out of space now days with so many companies offering apps to make life easier.

    reply to RJ

  4. Rosemary Brogna says

    If we have a lot left over I give some to my family otherwise we will finish it that week after Thanksgiving Happy Thanksgiving

    reply to Rosemary

  5. Rosemary Brogna says

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving

    reply to Rosemary

  6. Carol Richardson says

    The only thing we ever have left over is the dirty dishes. lol

    reply to Carol

  7. Rosemary says

    We love leftovers the next day!

    reply to Rosemary

  8. Katherine Robbins says

    Our leftover get divided between the families.

    reply to Katherine

  9. Debra Sarmento says

    I’m feeling excited about black Friday for the first time.

    reply to Debra

  10. Nona says

    I believe this my eighth or ninth year with Consumer Cellular, I can truly say that they are the best kept secret in that I don’t think that most people realize how awesome this cellular provider is. If they did they would dump their so-called more popular providers (the big three) and join this company. No disrespect to the “big three,” I’ve tried them all, Consumer Cellular “rocks!”

    reply to Nona

  11. Connie tate says

    Leftovers from Thanksgiving are divided between all the family. Having the leftovers makes shopping for the black Friday bargains more enjoyable knowing you are going to have a great meal meal when you get home!?

    reply to Connie

  12. Jeff Pohlmeier says

    My parents usually eats the leftovers and shares with family afterwards when we go visit.

    reply to Jeff

  13. Irma Nusret says

    Consumer Cellular has Bern my ONE & ONLY cell phone carrier…Love being able to purchase phones in person at Target they’re very helpful and can transfer over all your information such a helpful resource. Your customer service department is out of sight no matter when I call or what I call about there I was able to help. Was in the market for a new phone actually interested in the Samsung A53 and then I saw this post … so fingers crossed. I’m hoping I’m the lucky gal

    reply to Irma

  14. Judy sears says

    I always enjoy left overs with my friends the next is always the best left over with friends the dinner always tastes best the day after dinner with family is good dinner TASTE BETTER THE NEXT DAY PLAY CARDS AND EAT

    reply to Judy

  15. Vanet Gichie says

    Leftovers are shared with family and friends to take home after the feast making life easier for a few days….no cooking.

    reply to Vanet

  16. Alta Ornelas says

    We share leftovers with the traveling family, the remainder is plated and shared with our single friends who are shut in.
    It’s a sharing holiday!!

    reply to Alta

  17. Everdine Washington says

    I have been with Consumer Cellular for a long time and thay are ever out going and understanding whenever I have a problem with my phone and thay get right on it so that is why I’m staying with Consumer Cellular

    reply to Everdine

  18. Richard Beasley says

    I love CC, lots of data, free text and calling for such (low prices its unheard of here in WV. Being with Consumer Cellular in West Virginia is great. After I brag to friends and family about its supperior benefits they are all ready to sign up, unless they have a contract with AT&T and locked in. Those that have the freedom are also set back because Walmarts and Target stores do not stock CC SIM cards nor phones. Do to the lack of internet in rural WV this is a real handy cap, many can not simply log on and Oder a phone.

    reply to Richard

  19. Renee Burks says

    We send plates to our neighbors home that don’t have family close by.

    reply to Renee

  20. Mary says

    Always good customer service, glad I switched.

    reply to Mary

  21. Mary says

    Leftovers, never…

    reply to Mary

  22. Pat Tidwell says

    After having so many holidays with family, this year we will be alone. I’m not sure I will even cook. It’s sad when you get old and all the family has moved away. Anybody want some leftover hot dogs?

    reply to Pat

  23. Nick harrington says

    Thanks consumer cellular

    reply to Nick

  24. Charles L Bloss, Jr. says

    Since we changed to Consumer Cellular, and bought two (2) Moto E phones we have had minimal problems. I require a bluetooth with my phone, and I continued to use the Morotola one I had. It recently died, and I tried two different ones, neither of which worked properly. It appears Motorola stopped making them in 2021, and the batteries failed. I am looking for a name brand replacement, and would like to know if anyone has any suggestions? Thanks.

    reply to Charles

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Thanks for posting, Charles. If you’re looking for a phone that is comparable to the Motorola Moto E devices you have, I recommend the Motorola Moto G 5G which can be found here. It works similarly to the model you have, but with newer software and hardware. If you have any questions, we’re happy to help if you give us a call at 888-345-5509 or chat with us here.

      reply to Nicole

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