A Donation in Celebration of Attaining 1.5 Million Customers!

Since 2005, we’ve grown our customer base from 30,000 to 1.5 million, and our workforce from 30 employees to more than 1,000!

To celebrate attaining 1.5 million customers, we decided to make a donation to three charities as a way of rewarding our customers and their respective communities. You might recall we made a similar donation-celebration when we reached one million customers in February of 2013.1.5Mill_CustomerFlyer_ADPSplash

This time we are planning to donate $150,000 apiece to three charities for a total donation of $450,000. But we faced a dilemma. With so many important charities to choose from, we didn’t know which three to select. That’s when we turned to our employees.

It is a result largely of their hard work and on-going commitment that we’ve been able to enjoy success as a company in the highly competitive mobile communications service industry. In fact, our employees, I believe, are the main reason why our customers voted us the #1 national mobile carrier in PC Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Awards survey.

So why not ask those same diligent employees to select the three national charities to receive these gifts? We did. Employees nominated their favorite charities and from that list of nominees employees voted and selected the below three as our recipients:


These charities represent not only our employee preferences, but are the same charities favored by our customers. It gives us great pleasure to create value for our customers and for their communities.

Thank you, one and all, many times over for helping us to continue to grow and thrive. Our success is your success.


14 Thoughts on "A Donation in Celebration of Attaining 1.5 Million Customers!"

  1. Paul Platiau says

    I am certain that Margo Thomas is very appreciative for this gift. Her Dad, Danny, would be extremely thankful and proud to have his charity listed as one of the most worthy charities. Because of people like you and your employees, Danny’s visions and promises to St Jude are being fulfilled. God bless you all.

  2. Fred Ruth says

    I am very pleased to find your donations made to the 3 charities you have chosen with care.
    May you (all) continue to prosper.
    Fred Ruth

  3. No_LTE_MMS says

    Congratulations on this great milestone… now how about getting AT&T to re-enable LTE and MMS for your customers’ 4G phones?!

  4. Anne Watson says

    You have chosen 3 great charities. Thank you.

  5. James Ball says

    What a great achievement ! Thank You so much for making donations to the three charities. Each one of them are life changers for so many people. Well Done!

  6. Richard Cullen says

    Great choice on the 3 charities you chose to donate to. Congratulations and keep up the great service!

  7. Jean Graham says

    So happy to hear about your donations….good choices too!!!! I am so happy with Consumer Cellular service and to hear that they contribute to these wonderful causes just makes me proud! Keep up the good work!

  8. Michael Mirkes says

    Congratulations! Consumer Cellular has again raised the bar for customer service & corporate citizenship,

  9. James Roe says

    You have picked some very worthy groups to receive your help. Your service and commitment are what makes your customers keep coming. You are leaps and bounds above the service I receive from Frontier my local telephone provider. IN am a vet and surely you have picked a very good vet group to help. Thank you and all your employees. JOB WELL DONE !

  10. Joanne R. says

    I was extremely happy to see where your wonderful donations went. I think I would have picked the same charities! Very pleased to know that I support such a great and giving company, and obviously the employees deserve the bonuses for their hard work also.

  11. joan goodrich says

    I am so extremely proud of your comment to donate to these charities, especially wounded warrior patriots, I just knew that I had joined a good company. I hope that your example will start other companies to do the same. I am always trying to get my friends to join Consumer Cellular, unfornately most are committed my contract to some other compahy, but I’ll keep trying.

  12. Gloria Devine says

    I am very pleased with the three charities you selected. I would have voted for those 3 as my favorites also.

  13. john mcdearmon says

    Great charities and superb service. I wish you needed sales reps in the Va. area would love to work for you. Thanks