Consumer Cellular’s “12 Days of Giveaways” Are Back!

Join us December 9th through December 20th for our annual holiday tradition: it’s our “12 Days of Giveaways” on Consumer Cellular’s Facebook page! This is your chance to win a brand-new smartphone each and every day—by simply posting a comment, you could be a winner.

Our prize list this year is smartphones, smartphones, and more smartphones! We’re giving away a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and accessory kit, along with a variety of powerful, innovative Android phones from Samsung and Motorola. There’s a great smartphone up-for-grabs every day for 12 straight days!

Here’s how it works: each day we’ll ask a new question about your favorite holiday things: foods, traditions, etc. Share a response in the comments section, and you earn the chance to snag a terrific prize for yourself—or a great gift for a loved one! We’ll choose one random winner from among the responses we receive each day, and announce the winner the next day on Facebook.

Share your holiday memories with us. It’s fun, it’s easy, and best of all, it could win you a brand-new smartphone! And while you’re checking out the contest, be sure to follow our Facebook page so you’ll stay up-to-date on special giveaways and contests like this one in the future.

Visit us on Facebook December 9–20 for the Consumer Cellular “12 Days of Giveaways”. It’s your chance to celebrate with a brand-new, FREE smartphone! Happy Holidays from Consumer Cellular, and good luck.

121 Thoughts on "Consumer Cellular’s “12 Days of Giveaways” Are Back!"

  1. Francis A Hitcho says

    Coverage map shows very good coverage.

    reply to Francis

  2. Kimberly Stielow says

    I just ordered an Apple 8!

    reply to Kimberly

  3. Lonnie says

    I am 85 years old and my wife is 82 . I`m thankful we are still living and in pretty good health. I pray every day for my family the President and the people off the world pease , health , life , happiness , the spiritual and material riches we sincerely desire now and forever and have mercy on our soul.

    reply to Lonnie

  4. Mary Miller says

    I love the support from Consumer Cellular!

    reply to Mary

  5. Rosie says

    I have the 7 plus and I need and upgrade!

    reply to Rosie

  6. Peggy Gough says

    We are enjoying our new
    phone. Merry Christmas!

    reply to Peggy

  7. Leonard DeBoer III says

    this is great been with consumer cellular for awhile now great company sure could use a new phone hope i am one of the lucky ones

    reply to Leonard

  8. Elizabeth Chiera says

    This is super! Going to try to win a new phone for my husband!

    reply to Elizabeth

  9. Randy says

    This giveaway sounds great, but what about the people who don’t use Facebook?

    reply to Randy

  10. Deb Russell says

    While I’m not usually lucky, I’ll give this a try. I have a very old iPhone (5S if you can believe!) and sure would love ❤️ a new phone!
    My daughter and I share a Consumer Cellular contract, which is perfect – no complaints!

    reply to Deb

    • Beverlene E McDonald says

      I have a similar situation. I need a new phone and seriously thinking of using Consumer cellular. My husband is on the plan and never seems to have an problems. Too long with ATT and the iphone 5s.

      reply to Beverlene

  11. . Mamayek says

    Consumer Cellular is a great personalized plan for people…great for my hubby and I. Thanks for the chance to win a smartphone.

    reply to .

  12. Mary says

    Need a new phone so bad! Great idea

    reply to Mary

  13. melvita conway says

    The only service i will ever have been with. Cc for over 15years and I will be here for yet longer.

    reply to melvita

  14. Carol says

    Great customer service. When I call your service representative is always so friendly and helpful.

    reply to Carol

  15. Cynthia Wallen says

    I would love to win this for my birthday on the 13th

    reply to Cynthia

  16. Mike Binyon says

    Have been a customer for several years extremely satisfied with both service,support and cost

    reply to Mike

  17. Judy rose says

    I love consumer cellular saving so much money!!!

    reply to Judy

  18. Jim P says

    Mike, we have been customers of CC for so long I can’t remember when. They are a great company and true to their word. Great to work with them when you have a problem.

    reply to Jim

  19. Diane says

    Just joined Consumer Cellular last month and I already have seen a savings on my bill! Thank you for the great customer service! What a happy Christmas it would be if I got a new phone, have an old one!

    reply to Diane

  20. Dell says

    I have been a consumer cellular customer for quite a few years. I like all things regarding the company and my phone.

    reply to Dell

  21. Fran Enders says

    Have been with Consumer Cellular for almost year..very happy with our service and customer service. I would love to win a new smartphone so I can monitor my husband’s blood glucose with my phone.

    reply to Fran

  22. Dana Taylor says

    Just yesterday my husband claimed to have called me twice but my lovely iPhone 5c never rang or registered the call…yes, I said 5c! Though we’ve been fortunate to get a good run with our current phones, both 5th generations, we know it’s time to upgrade. So…here it goes…hope our usual luck changes this time! Keeping my fingers crossed! Consumer cellular has been fantastic – best move we ever made for cell service – really!

    reply to Dana

  23. chris johnson says

    Heard great things about Consumer Cellular and will be signing up with you very soon……need to get our phones real soon and start enjoying all the perks. Hope instructions are fairly easy to operate…….we are new at this…….

    reply to chris

  24. Iyshia says

    I would like to be a part of your team and I think it would be good to have a new phone and gifts.

    reply to Iyshia

  25. Don says

    No worry Chris, your dealing with consumer cellular which means friendly help available to help understand your phone and the needs you have concerning it.

    reply to Don

  26. Bonnie says

    Chris, I have been with Cellular for years and cannot express how happy we have been. The support is truly more than great. Every assistant that I have ever spoken with is much more than helpful. The plan is simple and easy to understand. I often wonder why people pay the high cost of other providers. Cannot sing their praises enough. Give then a try and you will not be disappointed in any way. Coverage through the states is great.

    reply to Bonnie

  27. Donald says

    My wife and I were Sprint customers from the time that company made a name for itself, probably from the days of the earliest cellular service. Our bills had gotten out of control although Sprint always claimed to be low-cost. The service with that company had never been exceptional, even though they said they were one of the best. A couple of years ago, we found Consumer Cellular and switched. No long-term contracts to get locked into, and our monthly bills were cut well over half. We have always been very satisfied with the coverage and service.

    reply to Donald

  28. Deborah L. Wilke says

    I was just looking thru the internet for a new phone; would be very happy to win one (my birthday is 12/31). I will now hold off ordering a new phone until your contest ends. Thanks for the timely notice! Also, I have been a customer for several years and need a new phone with more memory. CC has great prices & a fabulous customer service staff. Merry Christmas!

    reply to Deborah

  29. Lisa in SC says

    I love Consumer Cellular, no hassles, no pressure, caring operators!

    reply to Lisa

  30. Stephanie says

    I have been looking for a new cell phone service. I’m 59 and so far everything I’ve been checking your has been the one I go back to and read more of. Hopefully winning a new phone will tell me which one I’m changing to.

    reply to Stephanie

  31. Theresa B says

    Being of the older generation when I first joined CC I got a flip phone because it was all I could afford. The upgrade to an android was a Christmas gift for my son two years ago (otherwise I would have never gotten it). I love the price each month less than everyone else I know is paying so I am saving, plus have great service and stay in my budget. It’s a win win for me and those on a limited budget.

    reply to Theresa

  32. sharon irwin says

    I would love an up grade from my current phone. Don’t have much $$ to do the upgrade on my own. Merry Christmas to all

    reply to sharon

  33. Sandra L Anderson says

    Great service, love this company

    reply to Sandra

  34. theresa murphy says

    I have been a customer with Consumer Cellular for many years; and can report that they provide excellent services. whenever I have a problem or question about my service, the customer reps are polite and knowledgeable. If you are a senior citizen on a fixed income, CC is the company to contact with whatever questions you may have concerning your cell phone.

    reply to theresa

  35. Wendy says

    I would live to update my husband’s phone for him as a Christmas surprise. He still uses a flip phone and I would love to see him use a smart phone. CC has been a great switch for us!

    reply to Wendy

  36. Ken warnken says

    I am so happy with consumer cellular. every since we changed over are monthly bills are so nice compared to the other company we were with. CC tailored out needs to perfectly fit our lifestyle, since we are older citizens we didn’t need as much as some. So thankful we found this company.

    reply to Ken

  37. Cecilia Wright says

    I recently joined best move I’ve ever done!

    reply to Cecilia

  38. Loretta Lolling says

    I am Thankful for my family. And Lucky to be here to enjoy the. I appreciate the service from Consumer Cellular when I need help.

    reply to Loretta

  39. Sharon says

    I can not find the contest page for the 12 days of Christmas

    reply to Sharon

    • Hi Sharon, great question! You’ll actually find it the contest located on our Facebook page so what you would want to do is log in to your Facebook account and then search for our page. The post for this most recent giveaway should be towards the top of the page for you.

      reply to Jacob

  40. Rebecca Benson says

    As a teacher and my husband a farmer we recently switched from Verizon to CC in order to cut down on household costs as I have one parent terminally ill and one down from surgery. We have really appreciated the low costs that CC has been able to offer us. Wish we would’ve switched years ago.

    Super thankful that my mother is still with us, a supportive husband and a wonderful loving son.

    Merry Christmas everyone

    reply to Rebecca

  41. Michael Barbee says

    Consumer Cellular is excellent service

    reply to Michael

  42. Madeline Crouser says


    reply to Madeline

  43. Roland St John Sr says

    I have been with Consumer Cellular for quite awhile, good tech service if you need it. Great cell service Company!!!

    reply to Roland

  44. Karen B. Dehrer says

    Great company, service and thankful for your help in this complicated world.

    reply to Karen

  45. Rose Redmond says

    When I was home a week ago, my niece drove my sister and I around to see Christmas lights. It really is my favorite thing to do at Christmas time.
    At some point, we divised a game like “red car/blue car” where if you saw a lit up Christmas tree INSIDE a house or building, and yelled “CHRISTMAS TREE,” the first one to yell it got a point.
    We also got one point for pumpkins IF they were lit up OUTSIDE someone’s house because we counted them as out of season.
    Well, the points added up with one of us being ahead, then another, then another, and we started laughing and laughing so much we lost all the counts.
    Finally our niece who was driving saw a Shamrock (yep???) lit up on the side of a garage, and we gave her 10 points for seeing something so much out of season.
    We had such a great time that night.
    I encourage all to try this game with their loved ones when viewing holiday lights.

    reply to Rose

  46. Rachael I Miriello says



    reply to Rachael

  47. grace acheco says

    I need a new phone too had it for a long time

    reply to grace

  48. Claire Moniz says

    I need a new phone and I love consumer cellular!

    reply to Claire

  49. Charles Cobble says

    Customer service is great

    reply to Charles

  50. Charles Cobble says

    Over all, phone service is great.

    reply to Charles

  51. Rose Ann S Dickerson says

    I am a great grandma I be 62 Feb I shave never done anything .I have a Android phone and would love to get a up to date phone and a more reasonably priced phone service.God bless

    reply to Rose

  52. Helen Hutton says

    I have been with Consumer Cellular since 2013 and I absolutely love it! The service has always been very good. They have always answered my questions whenever I called and very polite!

    reply to Helen

  53. Julie Wood says

    simply the best out there.

    reply to Julie

  54. Ann says

    All of your comments are great! We can’t wait to try your service!

    reply to Ann

  55. Kim Fisher says

    I need a backup phone,

    reply to Kim

  56. David&Melody Campbell says

    We have been with consumer cellular for many many years and love them. It’s time to get another Apple phone like we got many years and they allowed us to make payments as we can’t afford to buy one outright. Thank you so much for all your help and good service!!!!

    reply to David&Melody

  57. Sandra DeLeon says

    Twice in one week I lost service with my smart phone. CC worked very hard to get me up & running again. I was told they will not stop helping me until I said I was completely satisfied. Alls back to normal & I only have CC to thank.
    Maybe it’s time for a new phone! Hint, Hint.

    reply to Sandra

  58. Carolyn Riddle says

    “CONSUMER CELLULAR is 1 of the “BEST”, PHONE SERVICES!!! We tried them all but now we are where we will always be with “CONSUMER CELLUAR”!!!. The service you provide is “OUTSTANDING”, and the “CUSTOMER SUPPORT”. is “WONDERFUL”!!! Never had a problem they couldn’t solve and “ALWAYS”. glad to help!! Thank you for all you do for us, for we surely “APPRECIATE YOU”!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

    reply to Carolyn

  59. Virginia says

    We have been with CC for almost ayear I think. We are AARP members, so we get a discount off the already low price. We have flip phones and I am tired of it. I would love a phone that I can see who I am talking to. This would be sooooooo wonderful for us because we can’t get out much anymore. My husband is wheelchair bound and lately I can’t walk without falling. I haven’t seen any Christmas IMOJIS because of the type of phone we have, but I would like to see some. HAPPY HOLIDAYS

    reply to Virginia

  60. Karin Clark Gardner says

    We like Consumer Cellular because they do not string us into a contract like our previous V_______ provider did, and the Consumer Cellular Reps are a lot nicer on the phone…more helpful attitudes

    reply to Karin


    Consumer Cellular is by far the very best Cell Phone Company in America. Along with their excellent Customer Service, there’s plenty to like about Consumer Cellular, starting with its use of two far-reaching GSM networks. The carrier has a good selection of phones, and its monthly payment option means you can still get a top-of-the-line phone while keeping your monthly costs in check. Special features, such as the ability to downgrade your plan or bump up to a different tier if your monthly needs change, can come in handy, too.

    reply to FREDERICK

  62. Maria Squadrito says

    i am 70 so is my hubby. But he still uses the flip one
    I would like to get one
    Of the s mart one
    That we couldn’t get for lack
    Of chin-chin.we hope we get
    Some today cause the great.

    reply to Maria

  63. Sherry says

    No complaints from our house! Great service!

    reply to Sherry

  64. Brent Barton says

    Feel free to throw one of those this way!!! ;-))

    reply to Brent

  65. Lamont Rhymes says

    I Signed both my parents up with CC and they love the service and I love that they love it. So thank you CC

    reply to Lamont

  66. Claire Moniz says

    I love Consumer cellular!

    reply to Claire

  67. sharon irwin says

    I think I am deserving of the Free Up grade is I am on a fixed income and I would love to upgrade my phone. thanks Sharon Irwin

    reply to sharon

  68. Charles Solomon says

    My favorite memories of Christmas’ past are those when I was a child until about the age of 7. I remember Santa (Mom) always knew what my letter to Santa asked for and he/she never let me down. I also remember that it always snowed on Christmas Eve as my sister and I would watch out our bedroom window. I think Mom had something to do with the snow on Christmas Eve. At least that is what I always thought.

    reply to Charles

  69. Cynthia Rucker says

    We have 4 phones and we have no complaints but need one more I am a Grandma I have 3 Grandsons so one more is needed for the last one is needed. We all get great service. The techs are so supportive and patient when I call in when I have messed up fiddling with something I shouldn’t, They put the phone back to the right settings again. The other guys love theirs and have good service. Keep working on the Towers and service areas I hear from my sister in MO.

    reply to Cynthia

  70. Val Krohn says

    I have an iPhone SE which has been a wonderful phone. I am having to charge it more often and the screen is small for texting. I would love a new phone but cannot afford it. I am not sure if this is how I enter the contest so I hope this is correct. I have been a customer for many years.

    reply to Val

  71. Susan Hawkins says

    I am very pleased that I use consumer cellular. It is very much appreciated . It has come in handy quite a few times.

    reply to Susan

  72. Pam Senecal says

    My family loves consumer cellular. We have had it for a long time. The customer service is so friendly and helpful. The service connectivity is great. We are AARP members, so we get a discount off the already low price. The features, allowing the ability to bump up your plan to a different tier if your monthly needs change is great. Most other family plans charge you the cost of a car. It is insane when you think years ago we never had that type of expense. We are so fortunate for Consumer Cellular.

    reply to Pam

  73. Sue Hopper says

    We LOVE LOVE Consumer Cellular! We switched this year and could not be happier! Not one time has the service failed us. Not even in metal buildings! You will have to go out of business to get rid of us! I just wish we had ditched the land line and done this years ago!! Thank you and Merry Christmas to Everyone!!
    Sue and Shep

    reply to Sue

  74. Cynthia H says

    I don’t do social media so I guess even though I have 2 phones I am not qualified to try to win. I know many people that no long use facebook because of hacked accounts, privacy issues, etc. I also have recommended other people to this service. Seems a bit exclusive. We are older and don’t find much relevance in the trend of the week.

    reply to Cynthia

  75. Raandy says

    Favorite Holiday meal? YES to all! Hard to choose the best one as they are all wonderful!!

    reply to Raandy

  76. jon lite says

    Excellent customer service !!

    reply to jon

  77. Dana says

    It was a joy for Consumer Representative Gina to have said, “When is your birthday?” My reply was, “December 18th”. Gina then said, “Great!, I’m logged into your account. December 18th is the most important day of the year.” I asked “Why?” Gina replied because its your birthday, my dad’s birthday and a friends birthday.” I said, “That’s great to hear, however, when your birthday is this close to Christmas, you get “cheated” with a single gift and the greeting of “Happy birthday and Merry Christmas.” Gina said, “Oh yeah, that’s not good”. I said, …but I fixed it”. Gina said “How?” I replied, ” In March, June, August, etc. I hand over a gift and say, “Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas”. Now I receive separated gifts and I’m joyful!

    reply to Dana

  78. Dana says

    Great being with a company that loves technology, but also respects and acknowledges the former; stamp, envelope, and a slap on the mule’s hind quarters which still gets the message to where its going.

    reply to Dana

  79. Richard Krueger says

    great features and reception.

    reply to Richard

  80. Richard Krueger says

    Great phone.

    reply to Richard

  81. MargeMadden says

    Love Consumer Cellular. Been a customer for a few years now. Would never go back.

    reply to MargeMadden

  82. Sam says

    Consumer Cellular provides the best cellular service without any
    surprises about something you would not expect. The people with
    the company don’t seem to mind answering the questions I have, no
    matter how simple they are, although they were important to me.

    reply to Sam

  83. Eleanor Little says

    I have been a customer for many years since my my retirement, and Consumer Cellular has been a God send. I now have the desk top cellular with the two lines, and the mobile fliptop. I love my little flip top, but lordy, I would love to have one of those great smart phones

    reply to Eleanor

  84. Brent Barton says

    We do online surveys once in awhile, re telephone service. It’s fun to keep telling them that we have the lowest cost and best telephone service in existence.

    reply to Brent

  85. Robert E Adams says

    I just had an unbelievable conversation with a service rep a very courteous lady. That was on the subject immediately with help and solutions. It was like talking to an old friend helping to solve my unhappy brides of 60 years problem–It was some simple solutions a young guy like myself at 82 could understand. The Doro 824 was a good phone –with added storage–easy to use- and the Samsung Galaxy J3 at a moderate price on a limited budget, might also work. It made my day getting help in a way that we could both communicate. This would be my new teacher helping people on Consumer Cellular—and hopefully making my spouse happy. Thanks from Rochester Minnesota–Home of the MAYO CLINIC where MIRACLES happen everyday.

    reply to Robert

  86. Alena Bellah says

    Love consumer cellular it’s reliable and economical and gives its customers great service!

    reply to Alena

  87. Beverly Baker says

    Love Consumer Cellular along with their great customer care. Even though my phone has been problematic, I still like it.

    reply to Beverly

  88. Janit Romayko says

    Christmas Eve in this POLISH household is called “Wiligia” with the “W” pronounced like a “V.” The meal has all white foods to signify the serenity of the day and eve. It starts with cabbage soup with mushrooms and is followed by flounder (or cod), then mashed potatoes, pierogies filled with white cheese and/or potatoes, and dessert of stewed pears. The whole meal is accompanied by wine ( of course white) and/or champagne. The candles are white as well as the tablecloth.

    reply to Janit

  89. Cindy Hastings says

    I think it is ashamed that the customers that don’t do facebook are excluded from your contests. I have been with you since 2012 and pay my bills like everyone else but I don’t care to do social media.

    reply to Cindy

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for taking the time to post, Cindy. We do have a variety of contests available throughout the year that are not exclusive to Facebook, and we make announcements on our blog when these are available. Be sure to keep an eye out!

      reply to Nicole

  90. Walden Hunter says

    Good things comes to those who wait, Christmas is the time,
    to give, one small seed gives 100 fold.

    reply to Walden

  91. Alta Hook says

    We have with enjoyed great service and best rates for several years. Customer
    setvice has been consistently superior from day one. Can’t honestly say that about any prior carriers. Happy Holidays to you and all our Consumer Cellular family.

    reply to Alta

  92. Deborah McKneely says

    Our Christmas is celebrated on Christmas Eve so the whole family can be together. We have Turkey and ham with everyone’s favorite finger foods. We do this so we can enjoy each other and no one is stuck in the kitchen during our time together.

    reply to Deborah

  93. Carol Candelaria says

    Love Consumer Cellular, never have any problems. Thanks.

    reply to Carol

  94. Jon Lite says

    Excellent services with customers, more said for Spectrum, Spectrum’s motto should said: We only had brains !!

    reply to Jon

  95. Teresa says

    Coonsumer Cellular contimues to have great customer service – they actually listen ! Difficult to find these days with cell phone companies.

    reply to Teresa

  96. MICHAEL J LYDON says


    reply to MICHAEL

  97. Kathleen Day says

    I love my phone and the service is great. No problems with the service.

    reply to Kathleen

  98. tom hendrickson says


    reply to tom

  99. pam Francis says

    Great Guys and Gal so give a good service. Quick simple and perfect for a “getting older lady”

    Thanks you

    reply to pam

  100. Paul says

    Great service! So glad I switched to Consumer Cellular.

    Any idea when Galaxy S10 users will get the Android 1p update?

    Thank you!

    reply to Paul

    • Hi Paul, thanks for taking the time to post! We don’t have a timeline for when Android will be rolling out the new update as this is done through them. As soon as it’s available for your phone to download, it’ll pop up automatically or you can check to see if it’s available if you manually check for system updates via the settings of your phone.

      reply to Jacob

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