We’ve Made Our Affordable Rate Plans Even Better!

Giving you more usage for the same price is just one of the many reasons why we’ve been selected the #1 cell phone service provider in the U.S. for three consecutive years. And we just did it again.

We’re giving you more usage than ever before—and you don’t have to pay a penny extra. So, what do these rates mean to you? For starters, our new rates add 25% to 50% more minutes to all calling plans. In addition, our top messaging and data plans now include up to 100% more usage.

That’s not all. Our latest rate plan enhancements include “free in-account calls.” This means any calls between phones on the same Consumer Cellular account are now free! We’re offering free in-account calls because we want to make sure it’s easy and affordable for you to keep in touch with loved ones.

The real beauty is, you don’t pay one cent more for all the extra minutes, messages and data under our new rate plans. Instead, you will enjoy much more usage for the same low monthly price as before. How much more? Check out the chart below to see how these new rates will benefit you.

In the words of one customer who thanked us the last time we enhanced our rates: “Whoever heard of a cell phone company increasing minutes on your plan and not charging extra for it?”

We did. We’re Consumer Cellular, and we’re on your side.


New Rates


48 Thoughts on "We’ve Made Our Affordable Rate Plans Even Better!"

  1. Sandy Azain says

    So happy for the extra minutes and no extra charges thanks again (y)

    reply to Sandy

  2. Irwin J. Goodman says

    Text in your message says “…check out the chart below for the new rates…”.

    Entie area below “New Rates” is totally BLANK.


    reply to Irwin

  3. Irwin J. Goodman says

    Disregard previous inquiry. All the info appeared AFTER message left here. Sorry.

    THANK YOU for the new new numbers. Much appreciated! I will spread the word.

    reply to Irwin

  4. Dean Thompson says

    I”ve been waiting on Consumer Cellular to add free in account calls, so glad to see it offered now.

    reply to Dean

  5. Jack Sands says

    I thank you, you are a great company to do business with. Best value around.

    reply to Jack

  6. Gregory says

    Have you considered free in account texting?

    reply to Gregory

  7. Brandon Smith says

    You guys are the best. I never thought I”d like a cellular phone company, but you have firmly and completely changed that. Thanks!!!

    reply to Brandon

  8. Larry Langston says

    Thanks, appreciate it! Love Comsumer Cellular. Hey, I am entranced with and want the Samsung Note 2. Any chance of offering it?

    reply to Larry

  9. Betty-Ann says

    Really thrilled at the additional data for the same cost! Would love it if you”d consider an unlimited data plan as well. I have a teen on my plan … enough said??

    reply to Betty-Ann

  10. Joleen Krause says

    Another reason to sing your praises to others who are looking for a new cell phone carrier. Thank you for thinking of your customers.

    reply to Joleen

  11. Julia Cheatham-Kimble says

    Thumbs Up!!!!!!!!!!!☺

    reply to Julia

  12. Judy says

    I have LOVED CC from the very first minute I got my first phone with you! I”m thrilled to have more talk time and data usage. It”s also great that we can now communicate within our account for no charge. I look forward to many years of great service with CC!

    reply to Judy

  13. Pat says

    Thanks! Just in time for my new “smarter phone”

    reply to Pat

  14. Peiscilla Bunch says

    Thank you so much! My husband just recently passed away, so my children are keeping closer tabs on me, the extra minutes for the same price are much appreciated.

    reply to Peiscilla

  15. Clyde Bollinger says

    Once more your have proven just how smart I am.

    Your attention to customer needs and input as determined by your messages was all I needed to make the switch to Consumer Cellular in the first place and now I can pat myself on the back for being so smart.
    Seriously, these are very big items with many people and your regular and consistent plan improvements are truly appreciated, we especially like the in-plan calling for free.

    reply to Clyde

  16. Maria Teso says

    You make my day today, this is the best new I received in a long time, you guys are the best, I really enjoy having business with you Co. & I hope to keep you forever, you are #1 in my book, thanks!!

    reply to Maria

  17. Patrick Miller says

    Absolutely,without any reservation,Consumer Cellular is the NUMBER ONE cell phone service provider in these United States and you can take THAT to the bank!!!

    reply to Patrick

  18. Margie Warren says

    I love my Consumer Cellular phone. I really appreciate the extra minutes and in account calls. I”m right up to date including my texting and on line options. Thank you.

    reply to Margie

  19. Margie Warren says

    Consumer Cellular, you are the Best! I really appreciate extra minutes and free in-account calls. Awesome!

    reply to Margie

  20. jim says

    Great news. Please offer a windows smartphone.

    reply to jim

  21. Beverly says

    It would be wonderful if you gave the same benefit to those who can only afford the basic rate anywhere casual. 25-50 free minutes would make a lot of difference for them. Thank you.

    reply to Beverly

  22. Bill says

    What a super surprise! Already like CC very much and now with even more minutes and Data at the same price – what a deal. Now will plan to add the wife on as a second user to the account since the rates are so reasonable and the service is stellar! Thank you!!!

    reply to Bill

  23. Louise says

    A big THANK YOU for allowing free in-account calls!! Love the extra minutes too!

    reply to Louise

  24. Linda says

    You are terrific, Always giving us more without increasing prices!!!!!!

    reply to Linda

  25. Michael says

    Awesome! Some wish list items for the future:
    1) Automatic plan optimization–example, if you go over your minutes by less than 40, keep it where it”s at; otherwise, jump to the next level (ie don”t penalize customers for not staying on top of their minutes). If within a lower level, jump down to it. Do this automatically when the billing cycle is closed.
    2) As others have suggested, add higher data levels like 5GB and unlimited if feasible.
    3) In-Account free texting would be nice also as others have said.

    reply to Michael

  26. Lilia Soriano says

    Thank you consummer cellular for doing it again. You made our life easier making our rate plan better and affordable. I love consummer cellular. Everything is super. Thank you.

    reply to Lilia

  27. Dustin Long says

    At first I thought this was an error when I checked the app on my phone, and then I checked the website and was blown away! We are pay 30 dollars less each month than under our previous contract carrier, and getting nearly twice the minutes, an allowance of texts far beyond our needs, free in-network calling, and 2 GB of data (we had ZERO data on our previous contract provider). Consumer Cellular is the most economical choice for service available. The customer service is great, the coverage is great, and for once, I”m EXCITED about my cell phone service. I”ve never been this happy about paying a cell phone bill, lol.

    reply to Dustin

  28. Bob Del says

    Just heard about the new plan from a friend I sent to CC: Your company is a breath of fresh air in a sea of smog!!!! How about a plan for free minutes between CC customers? Perhaps on a weekend?

    reply to Bob

  29. Terry says

    Thank you so much. I was hesitant to make the switch but so glad I did now.

    reply to Terry

  30. Daniel says

    Awesome!!! This is the eighth time that the plans are improved, if I am not mistaken. I don”t know how this service can get any better. Keep up the good work!!!!!

    reply to Daniel

  31. Rodney Renninger says

    Thank you for the free in-account calls and extra minutes!!
    I just wish there was an advantage to the Connect Active data plan.When you go from connect ready to connect active there is no benfit (It is simply doupling the data from 50MB to 100MB and doubling the cost from $5 to $10…no additional data like moving from any other connect plan). Also I think it would be nice if there was another plan between connect active and connect complete. There is too big of a gap!

    reply to Rodney

  32. Kathy Chippas says

    Thank you! I was checking my usage and noticed my minutes went from 750 to 1000. I did not remember making a change so I signed onto web site and all I can say is WOW. I am so happy that I decided to switch to Consumer Cellular. You made a great plan even better.

    reply to Kathy

  33. Paul says

    Suggestion: How about also bumping-up the Connect! Active plan by 100 MB of data, to 200 MB? [Since you”ve now kindly added an additional 100 MB to Connect! Complete (the next-higher plan), why not also add the 100 MB to Connect! Active? It would be GREATLY appreciated by those of us who are on Connect! Active!]

    As a new CC customer, I am singing your praises to all I know who are with “the other guys.” Truly terrific service and customer service! Absolutely spectacular!!

    reply to Paul

  34. aleli says

    We missed this with at&t plan until we switched to Consumer Cellular this year. So glad we switched then and even more so now I can call my family more often cause we”re all in one acct.

    reply to aleli

  35. Miranda says

    Thank you for enhancing your service and adding “free in-account calls”. This is a an incentive to add an additional line.

    reply to Miranda

  36. Beth says

    I”m so excited about these changes! Especially free calls between phones on the same account. I recently purched your new wireless home phone, and cancelled our land line because of financial hardship. I told the kids we would be sharing minutes and would have to restrict calls between us to absolute emergencies. But with this new change, my kids will be able to contact me freely from home, which is a big comfort. Your services and prices enable my family to stay in communication, and we are appreciative. Your customer service is beyond awesome. I rarely need to call you, but I always enjoy the call when I do.

    reply to Beth

  37. lorie says

    I am so happy with cell phone service. I was so happy to see the free in-account service, for the same low price. I have been telling people about Consumer Cellular and encounarg them to check it out. Thanks again!

    reply to lorie

  38. Gary says

    Too bad a few minutes weren”t added to the $10 plan, too. Competitors offer 10 minutes or so per month for the same price.

    reply to Gary

  39. John says

    Do you write most of these comments yourselves?

    reply to John

  40. Larry Lucas says

    In looking at your plans and the phones available, I’m convinced! I’m currently with AT&T and my two year contract isn’t up until November 2014. I called AT&T and they told me it would cost us $195.00 in early termination fees if I left them right now, so guess I’ll have to wait until this coming November. Will be signing up with CC for service then, for sure.

    reply to Larry

  41. Skot says

    Not even close to “cheapest” plans Walmart 45 dollars a month unlimited everything. Boost mobile basically the same. Metro pcs again same. Consumer cellular would end up costing close to 100 dollars not to mention the overage fees

    reply to Skot

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for taking the time to comment, Skot. We appreciate the feedback, and know that our plans aren’t a good fit for everyone, especially heavy users. If you have any questions about what plan might be a good option, please call us at 888-345-5509 and we would be happy to help. Thanks again!

      reply to Ashley

  42. John M Cornacchia says

    network do you use?

    reply to John

  43. nettie johnson says

    samsumg smartphone

    reply to nettie

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