We’re Giving Away A Huawei Smartphone Every Day, For 30 Days

Here’s how you could win our biggest and best Android smartphone, the Huawei Ascend Mate 2: enter a photo of your family in our Fantastic Family Photo Contest. That’s it. Visit our contest page and follow the instructions to enter. It couldn’t be any easier to win. Just share a photo and you’re automatically in the running.

Family Photo Contest - Newsfeed

Better still, the odds of winning a new Mate 2 are pretty good, in my opinion. That’s because we’re picking a different photo contest winner each day for thirty days, beginning on October 1st.

Now let me talk a little more about what you would win. The Huawei Ascend Mate 2 is our top-of-the-line Android smartphone. The device is known as a “phablet” because of its large screen size, which is a cross between a phone and a tablet. I think you’ll love its 6.1-inch display, the largest smartphone display we carry, and the Ascend Mate’s beautiful screen resolution.

The Mate 2 is a 4G-LTE device that’s both fast and powerful, and includes two easy-to-use cameras. Because it runs longer than most smartphones on a single charge, you can talk, read, watch and listen longer.

In addition to the usual set of smartphone bells and whistles, the Mate 2 comes with our optional Easy Mode feature. I believe all customers, from the tech savvy to the novice, will appreciate this easy-to-use feature.

Best of all, you could win one of these amazing devices for free — with very little effort.

So don’t wait. Share a family photo on our contest page and you’ll be in the running to win a Huawei Ascend Mate 2. Your Fantastic Family Photo could earn you a Fantastic Free Phablet.

19 Thoughts on "We’re Giving Away A Huawei Smartphone Every Day, For 30 Days"

  1. paul oster says

    The best of the best … 🙂

    reply to paul

  2. Linda Gegg says

    I would love to win a smartphone mine is almost two years old and soon it will be time for an upgrade!

    reply to Linda

  3. Harold Robertson says

    After using cellular providers such as Verizon and Straight Talk I decided to look for a provider that would allow me to economically customize my cellular service to the needs of senior citizens. Consumer Cellular is the only provider that has allowed me to choose plans that provide me all the service that I need at a cost that is well within my budget. I am 71 years old and need a phone with the largest screen possible since my eyesight isn’t what it used to be. The large keyboard on the 6.1″ display of the Mate 2 would fit my needs better than any other phone in your inventory. Since becoming a Consumer cellular customer a few years ago I have had to change to a larger phone, however my wife still uses her Motorola Bravo. I have suggested several times that she should upgrade to a newer phone but her response is always the same …(quote) “You will have to pry it from my cold dead hand”.

    reply to Harold

  4. Barry Fliegelman says

    i would like to win a new smart phone I think I need one my phone is not to smart

    reply to Barry

  5. Mary Lange says

    I would love to win a new phone
    I have a small phone I could use nice smartphone

    reply to Mary

  6. Carol houlihan says

    Could certainly use a new phone, the one from Sears will not change ring tones even with the help of your tech service. They say I have to send the phone in and have it repaired which means I am without for at least two weeks. Other than that love the services provided.

    reply to Carol

  7. nancy dennis says

    I have a cheap phone and would love this new smartphone

    reply to nancy

  8. Daniel says

    Only bad thing: You need to ask for votes to win 🙁 I thought it was chosen by the staff.

    reply to Daniel

  9. Mary Ballard says

    That leaves me out if you have to ask for votes. Will NOT do that! Guess that gets non-customers to their page. Should be a better way.

    reply to Mary

  10. donna coates says

    I received my phone through you Sept.2006!!! Motorola model# C139. It works for what it has, no pictures, no smart phone, no amps and etc. It is so old people laugh at me. Can’t get it repaired and can’t send you a picture. But my service with you is great!! Don’t you think I need an upgrade???

    reply to donna

  11. Jane Gray says

    I really like my Consumer Cellular service and started with my own iPhone 4 in October, 2013. The only thing I wasn’t told before I signed up was that Consumer Cellular would not be able to post pictures I texted from the iPhone 4. I was able to send photos via text with the same phone thru AT&T.

    SOOOO, since my iPhone is my only camera, I won’t be able to post a picture of my family to the website. But, I wouldn’t want to ask for votes either.

    reply to Jane

  12. Kelly Thompson says

    I need a new smart phone to use with Consumer Cellular. Love it…

    reply to Kelly

  13. Melody Caraway says

    Time to leave the dinosaur phone age and winning a smart phone would get me that much closer 🙂 Leaving my cell company after umpteen years is exciting and sad all at the same time but I will not miss the big bills….The 2 reps I spoke with today to get signed up were awesome!!

    reply to Melody

  14. Cheryl Whade says

    Would so love to have a “Smart Phone” and be able to take pictures. Have tried to find relatives pertaining to our family history, so we could exchange pictures quickly and still have a nice visit which sounds so easy with new Huawei Smart Phone. I too am in my 70’s and would like to stay linked to the younger family members. To receive a free phone is so great of your Co. – “Consumer Cellular” to offer this for a new phone!!! Thank you for considering this request.

    reply to Cheryl

  15. loretta turner says

    I would love a smart phone, I now have the Dora phone and cannot afford a new phone , winnig would be great, or if someone has an old phone giving away , I would be very appreciated for it ,thank you for listening to me

    reply to loretta

  16. james antonio says

    I love huawei phones!

    reply to james

  17. Lucinda Sheesley says

    I need a new phone, it would be great since I’m on a fixed income.

    reply to Lucinda

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