This blog goes over the Verve Home Phone Base, which is used to make phone calls in lieu of a landline. Featuring high-quality calls, low-cost monthly bills and ultra-portability, the Verve Home Phone Connect is the perfect solution for those on the road or at home.

The Verve Home Phone Base lets you turn your landline into a new line on your cellphone plan! A wireless home phone base is a simple, fast and portable solution that can be used wherever a strong cellular signal and electrical outlet exists. Using Consumer Cellular’s network, you can hit the road and use it in your RV, camper or however you travel, making landline calls a thing of the past. Setting up the Verve Home Phone Base is easy, and using eSIM Card Authentication gets you ready to take and make calls with minimal set-up time.

You can keep your current home telephone and even use your existing telephone number- simply plug it into the Verve Home Phone Base, and you’ve got home phone service anywhere you go! Adding the Verve Home Phone Base to your plans means you can get access to E911 support, adding a layer of safety to keep you safe. The E911 feature uses 3-Way Positioning and Z-Axis Support to make sure that emergency responders can find your location right away if an accident occurs.

Testimony from one of our customers: “My Home Phone Base was very easy to start up and use. Works great and I have great reception.”

You can purchase the Verve Home Phone base for $89.00, or $17 Down/$3 Month using EasyPay. If you have any questions about this device, give us a call at (888) 345-5509 or visit us online.