Travel by Smartphone Using Map Apps

Getting around using your smartphone is a smart and effective way to travel. Both Android and iPhone users can access pre-installed map apps that will help navigate the best route anywhere you need to go.

Google Maps comes pre-installed on Android smartphones, and can be downloaded for use on an iPhone. It has many handy new features to try. When driving, you can get real time traffic information, as well as a recommendation for the best route to take and travel time estimates. You can even use this feature for walking routes, or to see current public transit schedules. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, you can tap the “More” button, then “Parking” to locate nearby parking spots. You can even pin the location you park at to make it easy to find later on.

You can also keep your companions posted on your whereabouts and expected arrival time. Tap the pin on the map showing your location, then click on “Share” to send a text or email message letting them know where you’re at.

iPhone users will enjoy the convenience of the new features in the pre-installed Apple Maps. These include significant additions to live data information, so you can now use the feature in many locations to find public transit maps, as well as indoor maps for area shopping malls so you can conveniently find the store you’re looking for, as well as restaurants, ATM’s and other specific locations. To take advantage of the very latest features of Apple Maps, simply make sure you’ve upgraded to the latest iOS12 software.

Make yourself familiar with all the wonderful conveniences included with your smartphone’s mapping apps. It’s truly the modern way to travel!

11 Thoughts on "Travel by Smartphone Using Map Apps"

  1. Jim Smith says

    Waze is much better than above. Use it all the time.

    reply to Jim

  2. elaine berg says

    do your smart phones have gps (not just maps)

    reply to elaine

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Elaine, all of our smartphones come with the GPS function. If you aren’t interested in using the Maps application that comes pre-installed, you can check the applicable app store for the phone for an alternative navigation app.

      reply to Nicole

  3. Don Lidke says

    Sooner or later, phone company execs are going to do something about robo calls. It is at the point where this 85 year old no longer answers the phone. To reach me, they must leave a message and I call them back.
    Most seniors will comply with my request. Those that are legitimate vendors may suffer if they do not comply. Business will suffer. As it is now, over 90% of my calls ring four times and that is it. It is in your vested interest to want me to answer the phone and use it. It means more revenue for you. But not if the telephone becomes a pain in the butt that increases exponentially……Don

    reply to Don

  4. Teri Albert says

    I agree I dont even answer my home phone I just leave it on quiet mode.
    I have to tell my family members dont bother calling me if you dont leave a message. I wont return call. I am disabled and cant keep getting up to answer my home phone, I also dont give my cell number to anyone accept my family in fear of spam and telemarketers.
    what good are phones if there is no privacy..

    reply to Teri

  5. BRENT says

    Had more privacy back in the day when we were on a party line. At least I knew the local operators, and the other party members.

    reply to BRENT

  6. Craig Austin says

    I’m trying to reconnect my phone I need some help

    reply to Craig

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Craig, for security purposes we would need to speak with you to reconnect your service. Our customer service team can be reached at 888-345-5510.

      reply to Nicole

  7. Frederic Heap says

    These Moto phones are so great I do not know where to start. I use them for Facebook, E-Mail, Waze, Maps, UTube, etc. I have just ordered a new phone because I lost/miss placed my old phone. Eill arrive Monday. Will spend lots of time to figure how it works. Cost so far per month, about $32.00 a month. My wife pays $129.00 a month for an iPhone with Verizon. I am going to talk her into switching to Consumer Cellular. Best company for Senior citizens. I am 79.

    reply to Frederic

  8. Cindy says

    When using the preinstalled maps and gps directions, am I burning up data?

    reply to Cindy

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