Third Time’s the Charm

When I co-founded Consumer Cellular, I had a simple goal in mind. I set out to make cell phone plans and technology services affordable and accessible to everyone, regardless of their income or technical knowledge. I didn’t think making—and keeping—a vital service affordable meant consumers had to settle for less or sacrifice essential services.

To me, less expensive did not mean less valuable or useful or meaningful. It just meant more people could take advantage of it.

And our vision seems to be working. Consumer Cellular recently made the prestigious Inc. 5,000 List for the third year in a row.

With that in mind, I’d like to talk briefly about a trait that I think often goes unrecognized or, if recognized, is largely underappreciated in business. I’m talking about consistency.

No where is consistency more noticeable or important than in the support provided to our customers. That’s why, when hiring our customer service agents, we strive to pick people who sincerely like helping others. We make sure they’re trained the same way. And we monitor their efforts to ensure consistency, whether a customer is calling us for the first or fifteenth time.

Consistency is also why our call centers are totally U.S.-based. You never have to worry about struggling to explain a cell phone problem to someone on another continent ten thousand miles away.

No bait and switch. No surprises. No lost in translation moments. With Consumer Cellular, we like to think when our customers contact us, they always know what to expect.

We may not be flashy, but we’re consistent.

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