The LG 930 is Simply Super

You don’t have to look up into the sky to see if it’s a bird or a plane or you-know-who. When you hold the LG 930 in your hand, you’re holding our fastest and most powerful smartphone yet. It comes with just about everything except a cape.

The LG 930’s 4.5-inch display is the largest screen we offer and nothing short of visually stunning. That’s LG_930because the LG 930, priced at $300, is our top-of-the-line smartphone that gives you an incredible 720×1280 pixel high-resolution display. Even tiny fonts are crisp and clear, making it much easier and more enjoyable to read text on your phone. No x-ray vision needed. And you’ll be amazed at the art-like quality of the images. Captured images are good enough to use for a 4” x 6” printout.

The LG 930 also features a high-definition camera, with 8 megapixels, and high-definition video, with 1080p (what’s known as Full HD). This means the videos you take with this smartphone can be uploaded to websites, such as YouTube. Video quality is good enough for viewing videos, games, and pictures. And there’s also a front-facing camera for on-the-go, on-the-spot video chats.

The LG 930 is not just another pretty interface, however. This no contract smartphone delivers on all fronts. It is designed for 3G to give you more efficient data access. It has a blazing fast dual-core processor. And it’s ready out-of-the-box for multiple wireless functions, including Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS.

The device supports plenty of third-party apps, such as Amazon Kindle, Facebook, Google Maps, and Wi-Fi Share. Best of all, because it’s an Android, you’re welcome to download apps from Google Play and customize the device to fit your lifestyle and interests. With seven screens at your disposal, you can customize to your taste with shortcuts, apps or widgets. You can even select which screen becomes your home screen.

Voice dialing and voice commands make this an ideal hands-free phone. Because it utilizes a powerful processor, you can simultaneously use both voice and data. In other words, you can browse, email, or watch a video while talking on the phone.

The LG 930, in short, is a pleasure to hold, use, look at, and listen to. It may not be more powerful than a speeding locomotive or able to jump buildings in a single-bound, but it can make your wireless communication a super human experience.

I’m pleased to see the fabulous LG 930 join our team of products. From simple cell phones to Android smartphones, we continue to bring you more wireless choices to fit your lifestyle.

3 Thoughts on "The LG 930 is Simply Super"

  1. Valerie I. VanOrden says

    The Huawei 8652 also does voice command, for 200 less.

    reply to Valerie

  2. John G says

    Well ya, so did the 8800.
    voice commands and dialing too,

    reply to John

  3. Eve says

    Don”t be fooled. This glowing overview of LG930 features is written by employees of CC who have probably never used it. The truth is that the battery life is so short I try to NOT use the phone lest I have an emergency and actually NEED it.
    But I am reminded of the short battery life by the phone, itself, which becomes quite hot a few minutes into a phone conversation.
    If you need a speaker phone, forget it. This phone honestly doesn”t have a speaker function. The speaker phone volume projects no more than the standard in-your-ear volume does and it is very staticky even if the overall call clarity is good.
    I strongly discourage the purchase of this phone.

    reply to Eve

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