Summer and the smartphone – Part II

It seems everywhere I look there are people using smartphones. Folks are surfing the web, texting one another, checking the weather forecast, conducting financial transactions, even making phone calls! While the introduction of the smartphone to the general marketplaces is a fairly recent event in the life of cellular technology, it has become an integral part of people’s lives. Those who have a smartphone intend on keeping it. Those who haven’t yet purchased one are planning to do so.

So, what is it about the smartphone that is so enticing? I know I use mine constantly. It has become so much more than a phone — it is an all-around communication device and small computer combined in one easy to use, pocket-sized piece. In a survey we conducted of cellular phone users in our demographic, more than 60% expressed interest in having a cell phone with application download capabilities — specifically financial news, entertainment and location-based apps. Of those users who currently have smartphones, more than half download new apps on a monthly basis, with another 25% picking up new apps on a weekly basis.

With such a wide array of capabilities, it could be easy to feel overwhelmed or intimidated by the smartphone; however based on the current smartphone users we’ve surveyed, an amazing 90% said the smartphone is so easy to use they actually taught themselves. That’s an astonishingly high percentage, and gives me great confidence that our cell phone customers will find that making the transition from a standard cell phone to a smartphone remarkably easy.

We worked diligently to identify the best smartphone to meet the needs of you — our customers. We are anxious to provide you the best experience possible with the smartphone technology. And we think that you’ll be pleased with our progress!