Smartphone Apps of the Month- February

February is the month of Valentine’s Day, so I’m recommending apps that help me get ready for the big day—from feeling secure when shopping for gifts online to receiving reminders for all the tasks I need to complete. This month’s recommended apps help smartphone users remember strong, secure passwords and keep their busy lives organized and on-time, so they can spend more time with loved ones.

1Password: Available on Android and iPhone

1passDo you use the same password for everything? Is it something easy to remember like “password” or your pet’s name? Weak passwords can make your private information more susceptible to hacking. It’s risky to use the same password for every website because a security compromise at one site could leave you vulnerable with other sites you use. Creating and remembering long, complex passwords is hard. That’s why I recommend using the 1Password app.

1Password is a simple, secure app that creates strong, unique passwords for all your sites and stores them in one safe, convenient location. No more jotting down passwords on notepads or being out of luck because you lost or forgot your password and left the notepad at home. Users can quickly access their passwords by entering one master password—one of your choosing and that only you know—on any device the app is installed (smartphone, tablet or computer). Simply log in to the app with your master password and you have access to all of your passwords. It’s that easy!

The app also lets you save other important information users prefer to keep secure, like bank accounts, credit cards, passports, private notes, and more. Best of all, your information is safe even if your device is lost or stolen.

If you’re looking for a free, secure password management solution that saves you time, look no further than 1Password.

EasilyDo: Available on Android and iPhone

easilydoWouldn’t it be great if there was an app that reminded us to pay our bills, alerted us to important emails, kept track of travel arrangements, provided us with driving directions for an appointment and then suggested we pick up flowers for our anniversary on the way home? Thankfully, there is an app that does all of that, and it’s called EasilyDo.

EasilyDo is like having a super-smart personal assistant inside your smartphone. The app does a little bit of everything to keep your day organized and help you stay on track while saving you valuable time. You simply tell the app what areas of your daily routine you want help with, and the app sends you personalized notifications for managing almost every part of it.

The app’s capabilities span all areas of life, from automatically saving a new contact’s information from an email into your Contacts app to letting you compose “Happy Valentine’s Day” texts in advance, so you’re not scrambling to send them all the day of. It will alert you to important daily events, like appointments and anniversaries, and help you wish your Facebook friends a happy birthday so you don’t forget to. The app even calculates all the precious seconds you’ve saved by using EasilyDo.

19 Thoughts on "Smartphone Apps of the Month- February"

  1. Pam Marstellar says

    How about apps for Windows Phone?

    reply to Pam

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for the comment, Pam. We try to recommend apps that work well across all platforms, but some are not available for Windows Phone models. We will try to keep that in mind in our reviews. Thank you!

      reply to Ashley

  2. pat says

    IS the 1Password a free app?

    reply to pat

  3. Bob says

    ListLess is my choice. Easy to use and free also. Premium membership is very reasonable.

    reply to Bob

  4. Bob says

    Should say LastPass. Stupid incomplete.

    reply to Bob

  5. Rhonda says

    I have had my Moto G phone for several months and have yet to be able to connect to 3G. My phone only works on Wi-Fi. I have watched ‘how to’ videos and nothing seems to work. Can you help me attain access to 3G for when Wi-Fi is unavailable?

    reply to Rhonda

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for reaching out to us, Rhonda. This sounds as if there may be a setting on your phone that needs to be adjusted. Can you give us a call at 888-345-5509? We will be happy to assist you with this and get it resolved. Thank you!

      reply to Ashley

    • Debra Williams says

      Rhonda, I had the same problem. I called CC and they walked me through the process to add settings that were not set up on my phone. After entering the information, I turned my phone off, then back on and everything worked as it should.

      reply to Debra

  6. RD says

    Is 1 Pasword a Consumer Cellular app or a third party app? If a third party, has it been rated by any major company (like PC mag or Cnet)?

    reply to RD

  7. Steven Fink says

    think about offering an unlimited phone,text and data program at a LOW PRICE.

    reply to Steven

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for the feedback, Steven. We always appreciate when our customers let us know what combinations would be most helpful for them. It definitely assists us in the creation of our usage plans and rates. Please know that last year we enhanced our cellular plans without increasing prices. We hope to offer more similar rate enhancements in 2015. Thank you again for taking the time to comment.

      reply to Ashley

  8. Larry McFadden says

    I am a brand new customer who just activated my Huawei Ascent 2 phone about an hour ago. My question is this. I already have Roboform on my computers for password management, bank and credit card information. Can I download Roboform to my new phone and sync it with my computers as I can sync it between my PC and laptop?

    reply to Larry

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for the question, Larry. As long as Roboform has an app for Android phones, you should be able to sync your phone with it. You will just need to download it from the Google Play Store. If you run into any issues, please feel free to give us a call at 888-345-5509. Thank you!

      reply to Ashley

  9. Terry Young says

    Your company just keeps getting better and better! We’re so used to downsized packaging for the same cost and increased rates for everything that to be told I’m getting more for the same price is just amazing! I’ve referred 4 families who switched to Consumer Cellular, and all of them are as satisfied as I am. Thanks for going the extra mile for us.

    reply to Terry

    • Kathy says

      I agree with Terry. Every time I talk with my friends about cell phones they are amazed at the savings I am getting after switching from Verizon. Yay for Consumers Cellular.

      Also, the customer service reps are very nice and helpful and know what they are talking about!!! A real pleasure doing business with your company.

      reply to Kathy

  10. Harold Burton says

    Thank you for the app recommendations. I am old school and have not embraced fully technology. I kind of enjoy the freedom of being disconnected. ASM may change that. I look forward to using some of these apps.

    Harold Burton

    reply to Harold

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