Save 50% On Our Wireless Home Phone Base

By now, you may already be familiar with our First Month Free promotion, which lets new customers switch to Consumer Cellular and enjoy their first month of talk, text, and data on us. Or, for existing customers to add additional lines to their account and get the service for the new lines free for a month. Believe it or not, we’ve found a way to make this offer even more exciting!

For those who’ve been thinking about cutting the cord on landline service, you’ll also receive 50% off on our ZTE Wireless Home Phone Base during this time. It’s a convenient—and completely portable—replacement for your landline. Just plug your telephone base into the Wireless Home Phone Base to make and receive calls using your existing home phone number wherever you go.

Sign up by September 30 to experience all these terrific savings:

So bring your home phone to Consumer Cellular. You can even keep your current home phone number, and will use the minutes on your wireless Talk plan to make and receive calls to your home phone using the Wireless Home Phone Base.

  • 50% off our ZTE Wireless Home Phone Base­. It’s just $25 (regularly $50).
  • For new customers, your first month of service is FREE!
  • For existing customers, add a line to your account for the Wireless Home Phone Base and receive a $15 credit for the additional line fee (making it FREE for the first month).

You’ll never be tethered to a landline again—all you need is an electrical outlet and a wireless signal. Put the Wireless Home Phone Base anywhere in your home without having to worry about locating a phone jack. You can even take it with you in an RV or to a hotel and not miss a call to your home phone number. It’s fast to set up, and easy to use.

This is a limited time offer—you must activate the new line by September 30 to receive 50% off the ZTE Wireless Home Phone Base, plus your first month of service for free. So why wait? Simply click here to get started. Start saving today, and say “Goodbye!” to your landline—and your home phone bill—once and for all.

10 Thoughts on "Save 50% On Our Wireless Home Phone Base"

  1. Joyce Mccord says

    Only want limited minutes
    Do not want texts options only texts from Consumer

    reply to Joyce

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Joyce, we do have Talk-only available with our service. If you don’t need Unlimited Talk or any texting and data, then our 250 Minute plan for $15 plus tax may be a good fit for you. You can review all of our plans here.

      reply to Nicole

  2. Bill Baes says

    Very disappointed! Received this offer by email, so I went to the website to purchase only to find out that it is out of stock. I scrolled down & saw where it was only available to stock on hand. It would have been nice if you mentioned that in the email as I would have ordered it much sooner. Very disappointed in Consumer Cellular & your lack of information to the consumer.

    reply to Bill

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      I apologize for the frustration, Bill. For clarification, all phones listed on our website, with the exception of our iPhones, state “Devices are limited to stock on hand.”, regardless of if there is a limited-time discount active. However, I appreciate your feedback and have passed it along.

      reply to Nicole

  3. John Runyon says

    Will the wireless home base phone allow my printer to do faxing?

    reply to John

  4. Susan M Mattison says

    Can calls be forwarded to a 2nd cell phone number?

    reply to Susan

  5. Wolf says

    Is this device 5GLTE compatible and will it be supported and operational after the next network upgrades (to 5G)?

    reply to Wolf

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Wolf, while the ZTE Wireless Home Phone Base is not 5G, it is compatible with VoLTE service. We do not expect VoLTE to be phased out anytime soon.

      reply to Nicole

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