Samsung Steps Up the Innovation with 3 New Galaxy S Series Smartphones

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of its flagship Galaxy S-series, Samsung has released three new premium smartphones loaded with exciting features and bold innovations. The Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10+, and Samsung Galaxy S10e unveil impressive new screens and camera technologies, unique multi-device wireless charging, and other cutting-edge upgrades that make these truly the most advanced Android smartphones on the market. Each device contains edge-to-edge high-definition displays that deliver extraordinary detail and clarity, and the revolutionary multiple camera setups are aided by professional quality software to help capture the best shot in any setting.

Which Samsung Galaxy S-Series device is right for you? Here’s a look at the top features of each.

Samsung Galaxy S10

The Galaxy S10 featuresa 6.1-inch Dynamic AMOLED display, a long-lasting 3,400 mAh battery delivering up to 34 hours* use, and 128GB storage. The rear camera includes three lenses—a 16MP ultra-wide, 12MP wide angle, and a 12MP telephoto with 2x optical zoom—as well as a 10MP front camera. Plus, it includes Ultrasonic Fingerprint ID for state-of-the-art device security.

Samsung Galaxy S10+

The Galaxy S10+ has the same great features as the Galaxy S10, but with an even larger screen and a bigger battery. The edge-to-edge display measures 6.4 inches, and the S10+ is powered by a 4,100 mAh battery capable of up to 39 hours* of talk time. It also includes three rear cameras—a 16MP ultra-wide lens, a main 12MP lens, and a 12MP telephoto lens with 2x optical zoom, plus a front-facing 10MP “selfie” camera. You also get the added security of the Ultrasonic Fingerprint ID feature.

Samsung Galaxy S10E

The most compact of the new devices, the Galaxy S10e includes a 5.8-inch display, 3,100 mAh battery, and 128GB storage. It also has 16MP ultra-wide and 12MP wide rear cameras, in addition to a 10MP front camera.

If you’ve been waiting for a good time to upgrade to a premium Android smartphone, it has arrived! Each of the new Samsung Galaxy S-series smartphones are available using our 0% interest EasyPay financing—with your down payment, the remaining balance is conveniently added to your monthly cellphone bill in interest-free, $25 installments. To get started with your new Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, or Galaxy S10e today, order online, or call customer service at (888) 345-5509. We’ll help you choose the device that’s perfect for you!

*Based on average battery life under typical usage conditions. Average expected performance based on typical use. Actual battery life depends on factors such as network, features selected, frequency of calls, and voice, data, and other application-usage patterns. Results may vary.

26 Thoughts on "Samsung Steps Up the Innovation with 3 New Galaxy S Series Smartphones"

  1. ALICE L BROWN says

    I just bought a brand new Android phone from the Target in Austin, TX. Just want to comment on the excellent service I received from a wonderful customer service/tech rep named Reyna. She set my phone up and explained so many things-since I was coming off of a flip phone that had been in use 7 years. So if there is a way to compliment her from your office it should be done. She is a gem!!!

    reply to ALICE

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      That’s great to hear, Alice, and we’re so glad you shared this story with us. Our retail team will be sure to reach out and recognize her. We hope you enjoy your new phone, and have a lovely day!

      reply to Ashley

  2. Ronald Turner says

    Hello Consumer Cellular trying to see how much my down payment for the Galaxy s10+ will be?

    reply to Ronald

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Great question, Ronald! With EasyPay, you can get the S10+ for $300 down, then make $25 monthly payments. You can learn more here on our website. Thanks for taking the time to post today!

      reply to Ashley

  3. Bruce Gerfin says

    I have an S4 that won’t operate properly with Consumer Cellular (unlocked Verizon). Can it be traded in, and can my number be kept?

    reply to Bruce

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Thanks for posting, Bruce! We don’t have a trade-in program at this time, but we can assist you in porting your number to our service. Just be sure to leave your previous account open until we’ve confirmed that the transfer is complete. We appreciate you posting, and we hope you have a lovely day!

      reply to Ashley

    • Dawn Allen says

      Hello Bruce,
      I have the same phone. It was a contract phone. I had Verizon unlock it at a storefront, prior to leaving them for a prepay. I kept my number when I switched. They had to talk me through it, it was easy, you will be ok.

      reply to Dawn

  4. Dennis L Bond says

    I have been checking your site quite a few times daily since the release of the S10+ and it is not available to order. It would seem for your loyal customers you would allow pre orders so we don’t have to continually check your website for availability, particularly since until recently most other major carriers had availability as did large retailers.

    reply to Dennis

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for your suggestion, Dennis. We don’t offer the option for pre-orders at this time, but we do have the S10+ available now, and you can order it here. We appreciate your feedback, and we hope you have a great day!

      reply to Ashley

  5. Kim Slater says

    WHEN will you get stock in for the S10+?

    reply to Kim

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Thanks for asking, Kim. The S10+ is coming soon, so be sure to check our website for the most up-to-date information. We appreciate you posting!

      reply to Ashley

  6. Sharon Hughes says

    Are there any plans of you offering an unlimited data plan anytime in the near future? 20G is not enough for 2 phones.

    reply to Sharon

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Thanks for posting, Sharon. We don’t have any new plans to announce at this time, but if that should change, we’ll definitely post about it here on our blog!

      reply to Ashley

  7. Dexter Mason says

    My wife has a J7 skypro Galaxy. She bought at Walmart. She wanted to change the service to cc, but straight talk locked her phone,even after they said it was a no contract phone.Now they say she must keep their service for 1yr.before Serv. can be changed. Does anyone know anything.

    reply to Dexter

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Thanks for posting, Dexter. We aren’t able to unlock a phone from another carrier, but we can talk to you about our affordable device options if you like. You can see our full lineup here. We appreciate you reaching out to us today!

      reply to Ashley

  8. Diane Abbott says

    What phone’s can block ads and or specified phone numbers?

    reply to Diane

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Great question, Diane. Each of the three options here include an option to send calls from a certain number straight to voicemail, or you can use an app like Hiya that blocks unwanted calls as well. Thanks for posting!

      reply to Ashley

  9. Tyler says

    Any ETA on when the S10+ will be available?

    reply to Tyler

  10. johanna Johnson says

    How soon will you get a new shipment of Galaxy 10+?

    reply to johanna


    We my wife snd i are seniors she is an AARP CUSTOMER .Can we get cc service and keep our phones numbers .We are with T mobil and buy next October both phones will be paid infull.What we have to do to change to CC

    reply to ESTEBAN

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      We appreciate the interest, Estaban. You do have the option of transferring your own numbers to our service. They will need to remain active until the transfer completes, and it is recommended to have a recent invoice on-hand when signing up, as your account information will be required.

      If you’re also interested in bringing over your own phones, they will need to be unlocked by T-Mobile, as well as able to use a SIM card. We aren’t able to guarantee compatbility, but phones from T-Mobile generally work on our network.

      Additionally, as an AARP member you’ll receive a 5% discount off your monthly fees and usage charges, plus a 30% discount on select accessories. You’ll also receive an extended satisfaction guarantee of 45 days or 500 MB of data usage, whichever comes first.

      reply to Nicole

  12. Virgil Batson says

    Will Consumer Cellular be getting the new Galaxy Note 10?

    reply to Virgil

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Virgil, we don’t have any news at this time regarding whether or not we’ll offer the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. If we begin to offer the phone, then our website will be updated here.

      reply to Nicole

  13. Linda B says

    Samsung galaxy J7 phone from TMobile. I got it unlocked from a local kiosk at a strip mall and it has been used with CC for about 2 years now at least and I am very happy with CS team is top notch and they even helped me at Target with a problem with a phone not sold by them. I go to Target for any questions and they contact CC CS team for me. Makes it super easy to do.

    reply to Linda

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