A Practical Flip Phone For a Great Low Price—The Consumer Cellular 101

Our goal at Consumer Cellular is to offer customers what they really want. So while we’re happy to be able to offer a terrific range of smartphones and even the latest iPhone, we never lose sight of users who may want something a little simpler from their cellphone experience.

To that end, we’re excited to introduce the Consumer Cellular 101 to our lineup. For casual users or anyone just looking for a practical, reliable phone, this is a marvel of simplicity and sturdiness at a terrific low price of just $30.

The Consumer Cellular 101 is a compact, lightweight flip phone you can carry comfortably wherever you go, plus it’s intuitive to use, so you can begin making calls or texting as soon as you receive the phone. To see for yourself how easy it is, check out our step-by-step “How To” video tutorials—you can take a look at a tour of the Consumer Cellular 101 down below.

In addition to basic call-and-text functions, the phone includes a 2-megapixel front facing camera with digital zoom, an MP3 player so you can listen to your favorite music and Bluetooth® wireless connectivity to let you use the phone hands-free. And if you’ve chosen one of our Connect Plans, you’ll be able to perform simple Internet searches, as well.

The Consumer Cellular 101 is also a wonderful option if you’re looking to add a phone for a loved one. You can take advantage of our low-cost family cellular plans that let family members share minutes and enjoy free calls between all phones on the same Consumer Cellular account. It’s only an additional $10 a month per line.

You can order the Consumer Cellular 101 online, or by calling us at (888) 345-5509. If you’re new to cellphones, or just looking for simple convenience, this is a great choice at a great price. Plus, your phone is backed by our 100% risk-free guarantee and award winning, 100% U.S.-based customer service.

Coupled with our affordable cellular plans, this phone is a great introduction to the comfort and accessibility of a cellphone. There’s something to be said for simplicity, and the Consumer Cellular 101 could simply be the best choice you’ll make all year!

35 Thoughts on "A Practical Flip Phone For a Great Low Price—The Consumer Cellular 101"

  1. Rebecca Williams says

    As the song goes, ….”you’re the best….” (from “The Spy Who Loved Me.”)


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  2. John Schmidt says

    If I do not have text in my plan why do I receive messages that I am charged for? Why are text messages not blocked?

    reply to John

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for asking, John. Even if you don’t have one of our Connect plans, your phone can still receive text messages. We’re happy to discuss your options for blocking text messages at 888-345-5509 if you like. We appreciate you posting, and we look forward to speaking with you!

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  3. Janice says

    I absolutely love this company. I’ve been with them for probably 10-12 yrs but I hate this new phone. (Doro 626) I’ve always had a simple flip phone and its all I need but this one doesn’t hold a charge for even 3 days and its being used very little. I just noticed you can’t even buy a battery for it. I should of bought the consumer cell phone instead of this one. I wish there was more to offer for the flip phones but I guess technology just keeps going. My Motorola was better and I miss it!

    reply to Janice

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      We’re sorry to hear that the Doro 626 hasn’t been a good fit for you, Janice. If you like, we can troubleshoot any issues you’re having over the phone at 888-345-5509. We want you to enjoy our service, including your cellphone itself! Thank you for the feedback, and we hope to speak with you soon!

      reply to Ashley

  4. Pam says

    Both my husband and I decided to try Your Doro 626, We are so happy, We pay less with Your two phones, than I was paying for my one, We can talk as much as we like, and text the grandchildren!
    And the Big Bonus it Washable, Yep, my husband left his phone in his pocket, I washed and even put it in the dryer!!
    Couldn’t believe it happen, decided to plug it in………..and it still works!!!
    We love Your program!

    reply to Pam

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you so much for posting, Pam. We love hearing how much our customers are saving, and how much they love their phones! While we certainly don’t recommend getting your Doro 626 phone wet, we’re glad everything worked out well for you and your husband!

      reply to Ashley

  5. JW Binion says

    My battery life is not as long as advertised and the phone is fairly new – less than 6 months. Why is this?

    reply to JW

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for asking, JW. For a flip phone like your Envoy, the battery life can vary depending on your usage and other factors. We’re happy to troubleshoot this for you if you like at 888-345-5509. If possible, please call us from a different phone so that we can walk you through some tests and settings adjustments. We appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us, and we hope you have a wonderful day!

      reply to Ashley

    • Sigrid says

      I just complained about the battery life of their flip phone without any great use (195 minutes in a month) but am told, that 3 – 4 days is great. My previous Samsung flip for only $ 15 did a better job. I am not happy because I have 2 of these for
      $ 70. Don’t buy it there, go to a store and get something better.

      reply to Sigrid

      • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

        We apologize for any confusion, Sigrid. 3-4 days of standby time is considered to be quite good for modern cellphones. We’re happy to speak with you about the options we have to see if another phone would be a better fit. Please feel free to give us a call at 888-345-5509 at your convenience. Thank you for posting, and we hope you have a wonderful day!

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  6. Carol says

    Why am I getting usage alerts for minutes (& recommendation for next plan up) when we haven’t begun to use anywhere near the 750 minutes. Thought it would go away after last month but the warning is still showing up – can’t delete alert symbol from phone. Help!

    reply to Carol

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for asking, Carol. It looks like you are signed up for alerts at the 75% and 100% usage level. If that is incorrect, or you think you are receiving these alerts in error, we’re happy to investigate further. Can you give us a call at 888-345-5509? We’ll take a look at this so you can remove that alert symbol. We appreciate you reaching out to us, and we look forward to speaking with you!

      reply to Ashley

  7. Ginny says

    How do I set a answering message on my flip phone?

    reply to Ginny

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for asking, Ginny. Voicemail is a free option with every one of our phones. To setup your mailbox, just press and hold the “1” key, and follow the prompts. We even have a helpful video you can watch here that will walk you through the process. If you have any questions, we’re happy to assist you over the phone at 888-345-5509. We appreciate you taking the time to post today!

      reply to Ashley

  8. Virginia merry says

    Can I use my Dropbox I use in my iPad to transfer the picture from my 101 flip phone, if so how?

    reply to Virginia

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Great question, Virginia! There are a few ways to transfer photos from your device. First, you can use the charging cord included with your phone to connect it to a computer. You can then see the phone listed as a storage drive, and copy and paste the photos. You can also save the photos to a micro-SD card placed in your 101, then insert the card into your computer. We don’t know that the Dropbox feature on your iPad will work with your phone, and we recommend trying the options mentioned here first. If we can provide answers to any other questions you may have, please call us at 888-345-5509. We’re happy to help. Thank you for commenting today!

      reply to Ashley

  9. Roger Feldmann says

    I plan to am switch to Consumer this month and will be using my own phone. However, I’d like to buy a backup phone in case my phone is lost or broken. I see you offer two different flip phones. What company makes them and which is the has the most desireable options?

    reply to Roger

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Great question, Roger! Both of our flip phones are reliable and affordable. The Doro 626 is offered by Doro, and was designed with seniors in mind, and even includes an emergency button. You can learn more about it here on our website. The Consumer Cellular 101, which you can view here, is a device specific to us, and it offers simplicity and value at just $30. We’re happy to describe them in more detail if you like at 888-345-5509. Thank you for taking the time to post, and be sure to let us know which one you choose!

      reply to Ashley

  10. Bill Miles says

    My wife’s Consumer Cellular 101 is less than 6 months old and loses its charge in a day or two with minimal usage. Certainly not even close to claimed battery life.
    Customer service said this is normal and there is no warranty relief.
    i guess you get what you pay for. Consumer Cellular should offer a better selection of flip phones.

    reply to Bill

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for your feedback, Bill. Most phones need to be charged every day or so, so we apologize for any confusion. I reviewed your account, and I see that we recommended that you call us again if the battery life continues to be an issue. I’m happy to pass your thoughts on a wider selection of flip phones on to our management team, so thank you for the suggestion! We appreciate you posting, and we hope you have a great day!

      reply to Ashley

  11. George Franklin says

    How much a month for unlimited talk & text

    reply to George

    • Hi George, awesome question! I would advise that our texting and data come bundled together so you could have our Unlimited Talk plan for $20 a month plus tax, and our 250MB/Unlimited Texting plan for $5 a month plus tax for a total of $25 a month plus tax. You can view this plan and more by visiting our website here.

      reply to Jacob

  12. Penni says

    If I go to a Target store is there a Consumer Cellular agent to talk to.

    reply to Penni

    • Great question, Penni, thanks for posting! If you’re visiting a partnered Target location there should be someone there to help. What I’d recommend though would be calling ahead to check on their mobile support schedule though since they are hired through them. To find the closest retail location to you, visit our website here.

      reply to Jacob

  13. Nina S Higgins says

    I’ve had my flip phone a few years, version SW U3900CEGB119; I would like to know if I can either send or receive messages via text on this particular phone. Do I need to upgrade the package I have, In order to send a text message? I have tried sending one, but the recipients I’ve tried sending to say they never received any text. What do I do?
    Many thanks!

    reply to Nina

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Nina, the Consumer Cellular Envoy (U3900) can text. If you’re not able to text currently, then you’ll need to have a Connect plan added to your account to start texting. This can be done by calling us at 888-345-5509, or through your online account here.

      If you’re still using the Consumer Cellular Envoy, we also recommend thinking about getting a new phone. It uses 3G technology that is being phased out across the country, so it’s recommended to purchase a new phone so you don’t experience an interruption with your service.

      reply to Nicole

  14. Della Ross says

    I’m trying to find an affordable, easy to use flip phone for my mother, who is 84. However, she needs it to able to use wifi-calling, due to her location. Do either of your flip phones offer that? Thank you.

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  15. Robin Lentz says

    Good evening. I am totally blind and love my Consumer Cellular 101 phone, but need to purchase a new battery. Both Amazon and Ebay have many choices and I need to know which battery I should order for this phone. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks very much.

    reply to Robin

    • Hi Robin, thanks for your post. We don’t actually sell replacement batteries for our phones as they are not provided by the manufacturer for us. However, I would advise that the Consumer Cellular 101 is a phone that is being phased out and will need to be replaced in order for you to continue to be able to use our service. If you’d like some assistance with getting that phone replaced, give us a call at 800-686-4460 and we’d be happy to help.

      reply to Jacob

  16. Janice Kistler says

    My mom just got the flip phone for seniors. She turned it on not thinking that it isn’t set up yet. Now I can’t get it to shut off

    reply to Janice

    • Hi Janice, thanks for your post. You should be able to turn the phone off by pressing and holding the power button (the red phone button) down until the option comes up. Otherwise, if needed, you can take the back of the phone off the device and then pull the battery out to force it to turn off.

      reply to Jacob

  17. Gmail says

    Im a Consumer Cellular customer, and would like to upgrade to your Link ll Flip Phone now per your advertizement/instructiom mail.Please honor and further instruct please Thank you Charlie Moore

    reply to Gmail

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