If you’ve got a smartphone, and a nose for news, you’re in luck. Most reputable media sources offer news apps for both Android smartphones and iPhone—and some of the best ones are absolutely free.

Here, we take a look at several that we recommend to get your daily dose of what’s happening in the world. All of the apps featured here are free to download, and unless otherwise noted, will work with Android or iOS.

AP News: The Associated Press (AP) has been a reliable source of breaking local, national and international news since 1846. They offer an easy-to-navigate app where you can find news on a variety of topics, including sports, entertainment, travel, technology, and more. Get it here for Android, or here for iPhone.

Twitter: This prolific social media platform is a great source for following news sources you trust, as almost every one of them now has a Twitter feed.  Twitter show posts in chronological order, so it’ll show you what’s happening right now. It has hashtags, trending topics, and other discovery features. You can download it here for Android, or here for iPhone. And don’t forget to check out Consumer Cellular on Twitter, as well, for all of our latest news and specials.

Microsoft News: Microsoft News is what’s known as a “news aggregator,” which means it collects articles from multiple sources and makes them all available in one app. It’s a convenient way to get your news, weather, and sports from a variety of sources. You also get a dark theme, if you prefer, as well as the ability to save articles for reading later. Find it here for Android, or here for iPhone.

Podcasts: If you prefer listening to news—and many other types of stories—then you’ll want to check out podcast apps. Most news sources offer podcasts with in-depth features, and the other choices you’ll find for entertaining listening are nearly endless. Android users can browse a huge variety using the Podcast Addict app, while iPhone users will find a huge selection on Apple Podcasts. Your Local News Apps: Don’t lose track of what’s happening right in your area! Most local newspapers and TV stations also now offer apps so you can keep up with the latest news, weather, sports and other features in your community. Search for them using the Google Play Store for Android, or through Apple’s App Store for iPhone.


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    • Hi Mary, thanks for your post! Unfortunately, the iPhone 7 is not a 5G compatible device, but it will continue to work with our VoLTE network. The newer iPhone models, such as the iPhone 12, would be 5G capable if you were thinking about upgrading the phone though.

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  2. I cant afford to upgrade due to CA probate stuffing up our business.
    Can I use my current phone via the Volte network?

    Thank you

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    My Doro phone has stopped working, and I am moving shortly and considering to cancel my Century Link account. I don’t know how to text, and am interested in having new functions, like the ability to use it in the car to find out how to get to a destination, and possibly read emails and other simple internet options.

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