Graphic accompanies article discussing the features of the brand new motorola razr.

Meet the all-new motorola razr, a modern twist on a flip phone from the past, updated with a super stylish, pocket-friendly flip design. Flex View empowers you to fold your phone, transforming it into a versatile stand at multiple angles. This innovative feature redefines how you can interact with your device, capture moments and express your creativity.

Enjoy extended usage without needing to recharge thanks to its remarkable battery, allowing you to go day and night on a single charge. Plus, conveniently check notifications on the external display even when your phone is closed, ensuring you stay in the loop.

Open it up to unveil a breathtaking 6.9″ pOLED screen that delivers an ultra-smooth and incredibly vivid visual experience, complemented by multidimensional sound for total immersion in your entertainment. Capture stunning photos with its high-resolution 64MP and 32MP cameras.

Welcome the unexpected with the all-new motorola razr. Choose from a collection of fun, trendsetting colors and vegan leather finish. For a limited time, the motorola razr can be yours today for only $399, that’s $200 off! To kickstart your motorola razr experience, contact our customer service at (888) 345-5509 or explore our online store.