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I am pleased to report that we’ve added another Android smartphone to our menu of phone selections. Our newest offering is the Huawei 8652, a smartphone that runs an advanced yet easy-to-use operating system known as the Android 2.3 Gingerbread. It’s now available from Consumer Cellular for $100, making it our most pocketbook-friendly smartphone. 

With its 3.5-inch customizable screen, you’ll be able to enjoy talking, texting, surfing the web or playing games. It has a very responsive touch screen, so it’s easy to navigate. You can capture and share memories with the 3.2 megapixel focus-free camera and camcorder. It supports Bluetooth and WiFi. And it’s fast; apps and web sites come up quickly.

In short, the Huawei 8652 gives you the look and feel of a more expensive smartphone but at a more affordable price. I recommend if you want to test the smartphone waters before plunging in, first wade in with the Huawei 8652. You can’t beat its price and value.

Value is what we always look for in the products we offer, starting with our basic cell phone, the Motorola WX416, designed for the casual user and priced at only $35, including free activation. Your wireless communication choices go up from there, from phones for senior citizens to text-friendly phones, including multiple smartphone options, such as the Huawei 8652.

Plus, no matter which smartphone or cell phone you choose, you always get the same invaluable Consumer Cellular support and 100% risk-free guarantee.

There’s more. I believe cell phones should help make your life easier. So if you have an active cellular number in an area where we provide service, you may keep that same phone number and transfer it to our service when you sign up.

In addition, we give you direct access to the widest, most established cellular network available in the United States.

And when you order one of our phones, you always get free shipping and handling, as well as free activation!

But that’s not all. If you need any assistance, our friendly customer support team of U.S.-based cell phone experts can answer your questions.

The Huawei 8652 is that rarity in wireless communication: a feature-rich, easy-to-use and affordable smartphone. Best of all, when you get a phone from us it comes with a 100% risk-free guarantee instead of a contract.

42 Thoughts on "Meet Our Most Affordable Smartphone"

  1. Doreen Morris says

    I was interested in the Samsung A697, but don't see it listed now. Is it still available? Please advise. Thank you.

    reply to Doreen

  2. Michael Gronemeyer says

    I've had my Consumer Cellular service for almost 2 weeks, and so far, I haven't had any of the problems I faced with Net 10 at all! I'm using the Motorola WX416 flip phone, and it has turned out to be a li'l gem! The mp3 player sounds great with my Rocketfish RF-MAB2 stereo Bluetooth headphones! They also work great on voice calls too! I'm so glad I found you guys at Consumer Cellular! Finally! A company that wants to satisfy their customers, rather than own them in a legal and binding Contract, like the other cell phone providers do! Thank You, Consumer Cellular!

    reply to Michael

  3. Ettisha Goode says

    Wish I had read this before I purchase a phone last week from you.

    reply to Ettisha

    • Tina at Consumer Cellular says

      Ettisha – If you just recently bought your cell phone, you might be able to exchange it, if it is within the return period. Please call 1-800-686-4460 and we can look into this for you.

      reply to Tina

  4. Bob Coffin says

    Does the new Huawei 8652 have voice dial?

    reply to Bob

  5. Dale Kenny says

    I have used Consumer Cellular for about 3 years and have never been able to use it in my house. All of my relatives can use theirs in my house, is it that you might not have as many cell towerw?

    reply to Dale

    • Tina at Consumer Cellular says

      Hello Dale. Different service providers have different coverage areas. It may be that your friends have a service which has better coverage at your home address. You may also find that you will have coverage where they don't. If you would like more information on our coverage areas, please go to the following link.

      reply to Tina

  6. cookie says

    when will i be given my new cell phone number? when i receive my phone? thank you.

    reply to cookie

    • Tina at Consumer Cellular says

      Hello Cookie. If you are getting a phone with a new number, it will be assigned during the shipping process. When you receive your phone it will come with paperwork that tells you your new number.

      reply to Tina

  7. Donna says

    Aftet I bought a phone, you offered a new one shorlty after that, that I liked better. How long is the return period?

    reply to Donna

    • Tina at Consumer Cellular says

      Hello Donna. The return period is 45 days. If you would lik to call to see if you are still within your return period, dial 1-800-686-4460

      reply to Tina

  8. Suraj Poudel says

    Your packages sound great! I have a question I am from Nepal and have in my possession a Nokia Xpressmusic 5800 and I want to use that with your SIM – will it work? I do see you have a SIM offer I just want something along the lines of Connect! Ready and about 100 minutes talk time..I am an international student and am extremely short on money so this would be a lifesaver

    reply to Suraj

    • Tina at Consumer Cellular says

      Suraj – We cannot guarantee that any phone which is not from our service will work. This gets even trickier with international phones which sometimes work on a different signal. Of course you can always get a SIM and try it or we have phones which start and just $35. Please call us at 1-800-686-4460 for more information.

      reply to Tina

  9. pat whitmus says

    I recently saw your company advertise l000 minutes of talking, 1000 texts and some net time for a month of usage for under $30. Was I mistaken? Or was it a short one time offer?

    reply to pat

    • Tina at Consumer Cellular says

      Pat – We do not have an offer like that. What we do have is 1200 minutes for $40 per month and 1000 text which includes 100MB of data for an additional $10 per month. Our plans have not changed in quite some time.

      reply to Tina

  10. Dick Giffin says

    I have been a customer of Consumer Cellular for many years and now am considering one of your smart phones. I was considering the Huawei 8800 but now you have the Huawei 8652 and their comparison charts are almost identical. Is the model 8652 an upgrade from the model 8800?

    reply to Dick

  11. Alan says

    If I get a smart phone can I transfer my calender and phone numbers from my Nokia.

    reply to Alan

  12. Aubrey Williams says

    Have had Huawei 8652 for 2 weeks. Love it and the quality of service is great! Easy sync process.
    Actually awaiting our first bill to smile at the old Verizon bill!

    reply to Aubrey

  13. Aubrey Williams says

    Is there a way in which to keep the 8652 from going into the “sleep mode” so quickly?

    reply to Aubrey

  14. Chuck Massey says

    I have been a Consumer Cellular customer for about 3 years. I currently have a Consumer Cellular Samsung A697. My son recently gave me his Iphone G3S that was active on the AT&T Network. If I take the sim card from my A697 and place it in the Iphone will I be able to use the CC network? Do I need to pay a $35.00 activation fee?

    reply to Chuck

    • Tina at Consumer Cellular says

      Chuck – There is a good chance that it will work but there are some settings you will need to adjust to see if data will work. There is no activation fee to do this. Just give us a call and we can walk you through the process. 1-800-686-4460

      reply to Tina

  15. Linda says

    i purchased the hauwei 8652 and have had it a week…wish i would have checked the content store cannot purchase anything from the store for this phone, only the hauwei 8800. any plans for this phone soon?

    reply to Linda

    • Dominic at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Linda. Thanks for pointing this out. We're going to work on getting this smartphone added to the Content Store. In the mean time, I could recommend the Google Play store to you. There's a lot of content available from Google that you might find useful. If you need any additional assistance, please feel free to contact us at 888-548-6490 or at [email protected]. Thank you.

      reply to Dominic

  16. Paula.Smith says

    Do you offer a smartphone that does facebook, real well?

    reply to Paula.Smith

    • Tina at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for the question, Paula. All of our smartphones can access Facebook and similar social media sites. Our newest phone, the LG 930, has great high-definition and a huge screen which would make it a wonderful choice for media.

      reply to Tina

  17. jackie emch says

    I am trying to find the information on your ad in my monthly statement on Two Smartphones with easy mode, I was hoping you had a video on line to hear and see what it does and if it would work for me. Please respond.

    reply to jackie

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for reaching out to us, Jackie. Easy Mode is a great option for those who would like a smartphone, but want a simple user interface. You can see more about Easy Mode here, featuring the Huawei Ascend Mate 2. If you have any questions about Easy Mode or our phone selection, please give us a call at 888-345-5509. Thank you again!

      reply to Ashley

  18. Steve McCoy says

    Consumer Cellular sucks. I cannot get through to anyone to get help. I called every 800 number I can find. I just bought one of their expensive phones and it will NOT connect, and there is no help anywhere. Do NOT buy any Consumer Cellular product. They will let you sit forever and never find a way to get through to anyone to help you. Very bad service.

    reply to Steve

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      We apologize for the wait you experienced, Steve, and we very much appreciate your patience. I was able to take a look at your account, and I see that we were able to assist you twice yesterday with your new phone. If we can be of any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to call us at 888-345-5509. Thank you for your feedback, and we hope you have a great day!

      reply to Ashley

  19. Ol' Bob Dickerson says

    WOW ! I’ve been a Consumer Cellular customer almost since there has been a Consumer Cellular !
    The problems you’ve got ain’t in your phone !

    reply to Ol'

  20. mary maine says

    i have consumer celluar phone and grand interested in a smart phone. with number i have. can i buy online and phone setup ready to use? i then wont need grandpad. please let me know.i want to stay with consumer.thank you mary maine

    reply to mary

  21. mary maine says

    i have consumercelluar phone and grand interested in a smart phone. can i buy phone set up with my current number thank you in advance mary maine

    reply to mary

    • Hi Mary, thanks for your question. As long as the number remains active with the current provider during the transfer process, you can switch it over. We will also need the current account number, PIN number if there is one, billing address, and the account holder’s first and last name to submit to your current provider so that they will release the number to us so we would recommend having a bill readily available for this process.

      reply to Jacob

  22. William S Winmill says

    I am a member of consumer celluar

    reply to William

  23. JANE BRIDGES says

    I’d like a simple phone. No constant emails from retailers sending everyday,night, tracking me down. No Facebook!!! Worthless. And scammers get to U really fast! How they can get to my email is so frustrating and worse!!! Constantly tracking me!

    reply to JANE

    • Hi Jane, thanks for your post. If you’re looking for a phone that doesn’t have email or access to social media, I’d suggest our Consumer Cellular Link II flip phone. This can be purchased for $59 plus tax and you can find more information on it by going to our website here.

      reply to Jacob

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