Having options that make your account management easier is another great benefit of your Consumer Cellular service.

By switching to our electronic billing (e-billing) and auto pay options, you can save paper—and eliminate hassles! In just a few easy steps, you’ll go green, and add tremendous convenience to your monthly bill payment. If you haven’t already done so, here’s how—and why—to take advantage of these services.

By eliminating your paper billing statement, you reduce loose paper and clutter in your home—and do the environment a big favor. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the average American uses the equivalent of a 100-foot tall Douglas fir tree in paper each year!

Go with e-billing instead. Your bill will be sent by email rather than through the postal service, and is always available to review online or through the My CC app.

To switch to e-billing, simply click here to visit My Account. Then, choose Edit Billing Info from the Billing menu, scroll to Billing Type and select Email Billing.

While you’re there, you can also take advantage of the ease of auto pay. With auto payments, your bill is automatically paid on its due date each month using a credit or debit card you’ve provided. By switching to autopay, you’ll never have to worry about writing a check, buying envelopes and stamps, or making sure your payment gets mailed out—or delivered to us—on time again.

To add this option from My Account, choose Edit Billing Info from the Billing menu, scroll to Payment Type and select AutoPay. You’ll be asked to enter a valid credit or debit card number. You can change your card at any time if you need to.

Help save the environment, and save yourself the headache of managing paper bill payments at the same time. Choose e-billing and autopayments instead! It’s a safe, simple, and sensible way to go.


  1. DICK YAISER says


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  2. Sandy salas says

    How much is the cellphone just want to about the $20 a month pictures plz

    reply to Sandy

    • Hi Sandy, thanks for your interest! The cost of the phone is going to depend on the device that is selected to be used with the account. If you’d like, you can view all of our phone options by visiting our website here. The $20 a month plan will come with 250 talk minutes, 500MB of data, and Unlimited Texting. If you have any questions though just let us know!

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      • Brady says

        but if you buy a phone make sure about returning it, if it turns out not what you wanted or any reason. Won’t let you return without what they call a exchange from them. got one with activation # wrong and can’t find anyone here to help.

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        • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

          Thank you for taking the time to post, Brady. If you’re dissatisfied with a phone, you can return it or exchange it within our Risk-Free Guarantee period. If you want to keep using our service, but with a different phone, you will need to be using a compatible device.

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    • lvlike S. says

      Samsung galaxy a10 ,very nice for the price ..lotta smart bangs for the buck.beautifully built in camera,lots of storage,memory and very user friendly,and the capability to expand your smart phone experience…didn’t expect to get such a “high end” phone for about 100$

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  3. Kevin Leary says

    i need info on tethering my laptop to my galaxy smartphone

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  4. Arthur R Salas says

    I upgraded to a G Power with 4g. my online account shows 3g when is it going to change to 4g? I paid for a 4g upgrade and new phone.

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