Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

Consumer Cellular is fortunate to have over three million customers, which means that we have more than three million wonderful stories to share.

You’ll get to enjoy a handful of these in the coming month as we introduce our latest TV commercials. They feature a number of our customers who asked to be included so they could discuss why they’ve chosen us as their wireless provider.

It’s always fun to introduce new advertising, but I have to admit, I’m especially moved by this latest bunch. The customers offering their testimonials remind me of why we do what we do, by telling us (and you) in their own words why our service is so important to them.

It’s also fascinating to get a glimpse of the wide variety of people we serve. Our customers include bankers, nurses, military veterans, retired folks, and even people who’ve worked in customer service themselves. They come from backgrounds as different as each of the 50 states, but all share the common ground of being loyal, satisfied Consumer Cellular customers.

If you haven’t seen the Consumer Cellular TV commercials on air already, you can take a look at the new ads here. Who knows? You may see someone you know—or someone who tells a story just like yours. We’re delighted that they, and you, have given us the opportunity to bring so many of you together.

20 Thoughts on "Hear What Our Customers Have to Say"

  1. Ron vanden bosch says

    Just to let you know. Got my 7050 flip phone about 2 weeks ago. Works perfect. The doro 626 I got July 2018 was nothing but problems to use texting. Buttons kept getting worse. You replaced it with the doro 7050 and iveused about 2 weeks. It works perfect. Wanted to just letyouknow I did a lot of complaining. You gave me excellent customer service and now a phone I’m happy with. Want to Thankyou. Thanks Con cell. Have 3 lines with you

    reply to Ron

  2. Jerry L Marcello says

    how do i get my montly call log online

    reply to Jerry

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Jerry, you can locate your call log online through your account here. Once logged in, you can click on “View Usage Details” to see all of your usage for the month as well as previous billing cycles.

      reply to Nicole

      • Chip says

        The online call log stopped displaying sent & received text messages on April 17.

        Is CC aware and if they are, when will the text tracking be restored?


        reply to Chip

        • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

          Hi Chip, an update was made to the website to remove the usage details for Unlimited plans from the home screen when logged in. However, you can still see your usage by clicking “View Usage Details” on that same page.

          reply to Nicole

  3. Patricia Blackstock says

    Very satisfied with Consumer Cellar

    reply to Patricia

  4. G. BAGLEY says


    reply to G.

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      We appreciate the feedback, G. The Billed Per Use plan for $10 plus tax and $0.25 per minute was removed from our service a couple of years ago. We do not have plans to add it back, but I have passed along your feedback to our team. Thank you again and have a great day!

      reply to Nicole

  5. Roxanne Garrett says

    I didn’t choose Consumer Cellular, I chose GrandPad for my husband due to his dementia slowly getting worse..this was the right way to get him a way to talk to his family and friends.. thanks CC!

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  6. Theodore Brewster says

    On behalf of your customer, Maryanne, I would like to thank Ashley for her extraordinary ability. I provide tech support to residents of a senior citizen community. Maryanne’s phone was broken, so I got her a new one, but she had no identifying information: account number, etc. Ashley spent more than a half hour on the phone (my phone) with me getting the new phone set up and working. She seemed to know exactly what I was looking at, and provided step-by-step, detailed instructions. I applaud her dedication, patience and perseverance.

    reply to Theodore

  7. Edward M. Walsh says

    Your policy of AUTOMATIC upgrading the customer plan when the usage exceeds the economic optimum saved me (I’m sure) substantial expense when my wife became hospitalized and my cell phone became the principal communication device with the medical community and the volunteers providing me with transportation. I had little time to spend on telephone contract changes so I took comfort in the satisfying memory of a previous hospitalization that exceeded the small usage for which I originally contracted – then too the upgrade saved me excessive costs.

    reply to Edward

  8. Doug Moore says

    I’m really disappointed with the new requirement for making International Calls with an AT&T sim card. We have to dial an AT&T number (10 digits), listen to a recording, dial another 10 digits and the # sign, just to call our sister in Canada. So much for technology.

    reply to Doug

  9. Linda Henderson says

    I’d like to understand why Consumer Cellular is not providing 5G phones to their customers as other carriers are. Your customer base is mostly seniors with fixed incomes who really cannot afford the additional cost of a new phone.

    reply to Linda

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Linda, while we don’t offer free phones, we have a variety of phones available on our website here that are compatible with the network changes.

      reply to Nicole

  10. Michael says

    I tried to port my Tracfone to Consumer Cellular (CC) in December 2021. That was a mistake. With over 20 hours of “phone time” and 18 days without service, I am not rating CC as good. Next let’s look at their plans. When I added a second phone to the plan and exceeded my data usage by 100 mb, it pushed me out of a grandfather clause, so over the course of 2 months I have had to pay for 3 G of data (our usual usage is <500 mb) and their newest is an upcharge for AUTO pay/email billing/optout. From my perspective, their rating is poor along with all of their "extra" add ons that blind side anyone who is trying to control costs, given their fixed income.

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  11. Kathy A Sheller says

    Do you have to be a Senior to subscribe?

    reply to Kathy

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