Get Great Gardening Tips from Smartphone Apps

You may not think of your smartphone as a gardening tool­—I certainly wouldn’t recommend using it to dig in the dirt or drive in a fertilizer spike—but it does offer access to a lot of great apps that will enhance your knowledge and offer tips to help your plants thrive. With spring starting to bloom all around, here are a few that I’ve found especially useful.

I always like to keep a record of what I’ve planted and how my plants have fared from year to year. The Homegrown app for iPhone & Android makes doing so a breeze. It’s easy and intuitive to use, letting you keep notes to track your progress, browse recommended herbs and vegetables for your region, take photos, and even check your local weather forecast.

Have you ever seen a beautiful flower or plant and wondered what it was? Garden Answers Plant Identifier for iPhone & Android has the answer. Simply snap a picture and submit it, and the app searches a database of more than 20,000 plants to find a match and give you detailed information. You can even save your favorites so you’ll remember them next time you head to the nursery.

A big part of being a successful gardener is proper planning. By using the Planter app for Android, you’ll get helpful gardening tips on what and when to plant, how to arrange your garden grid for the best results, and more. It’s a terrific resource for new or experienced gardeners, sure to turn a greenhorn into a green thumb in no time!

When you head out to the garden on the next sunny day, don’t forget to take your smartphone along. With the many things you’ll learn from these free apps, it could come in almost as handy as a shovel or a spade.

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