Save Money with Smartphone Coupon Apps

Using coupons is a terrific way to save money, but it can also take a lot of energy. Flipping through newspapers or mailers, clipping the best deals, and waiting for them to scan at the checkout counter can turn a quick supermarket trip into a major event.

That’s where smartphone coupon apps come in. The ability to upload coupons directly to your smartphone and scan them at checkout makes the process way more convenient, and efficient. To get started, just type “coupon” into the search bar of the App Store or Google Play store. You’ll find plenty to choose from.

To make your search easier, here are several apps that I recommend for both their convenience, and the variety of deals they offer.

  • GroupOn provides virtual coupons that can be used to get significant discounts on things to eat, see, and do pretty much all over the world. Like a classic coupon book, you can simply select from one of its many categories, and see what deals are available.
  • Ibotta is popular for saving money on groceries as well as clothing, restaurants, and even gas stations. Before going to a store, search the app to see what deals there are, then activate the digital coupons. Once you purchase the product, you receive a cash back credit in your Ibotta account.
  • RetailMeNot offers an amazing number of choices, with coupon codes to over 50,000 stores. Simply enter the store name into the search bar or browse their exclusive offers and trending offers sections to find deals.
  • links coupons to your grocery store loyalty card, and also lets you print paper coupons for instant savings at the checkout lane. They also have a coupon codes section for shopping online with leading retailers.

With your smartphone, you have a powerful couponing tool right in your pocket. Armed with the right apps, saving money and scoring discounts is a lot easier. Stop clipping and start clicking instead!

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    Thanks for sharing this article about saving money by using virtual coupons for different products on smartphone applications that are less time consuming and belong to the digital era.