Consumer Cellular Celebrates 11 Years of AARP Member Savings

This month, Consumer Cellular is proud to be celebrating our 11th anniversary as an approved provider for AARP members. It’s a special relationship we look forward to continuing for many years to come.

AARP is the nation’s largest nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to empowering Americans 50 and older to choose how they live as they age. Consumer Cellular has been focused on offering cellphones and affordable rate plans designed to meet the unique needs of those age 50 and older for nearly 25 years. 

Since 2008, more than a million AARP members have enjoyed discounts on their monthly Consumer Cellular service, among other special benefits. AARP members receive a 5% discount every single month on cellphone plans and usage, as well as a 30% discount on accessories. We even offer them an extended, 45-day risk-free guarantee when they sign up.

If you’re signing up for our service, be sure to include your AARP membership information at checkout to receive your special benefits. If you’re already a customer and would like to add your AARP membership to your account, simply contact Consumer Cellular customer support at (888) 345-5509 with your member number so we can add it to your account and apply your discount.  

10 Thoughts on "Consumer Cellular Celebrates 11 Years of AARP Member Savings"

  1. Jeanne says

    I need to see and print out some text messages over a period of time fto and from one person. How do I do it?

    reply to Jeanne

  2. Julia Morris says

    I would like to give a special “Thank you” to Aleda V., from the live chat! Today I talked with 3 other Customer support agents and they could not help me, but Aleda V. did!
    Great job, Aleda V., you not only work, you think -that makes you the best!
    Hope your supervisor takes notice, but I thank you anyway!!!

    reply to Julia

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for the feedback, Julia! I’m glad to hear that Aleda provided you with excellent customer service, and I see that we have passed this along to her and her supervisor. Have a great day!

      reply to Nicole

  3. Leland Ege says

    Where do I sign up for the AARP discount?

    reply to Leland

  4. Carla Allen says

    If my bill has 3 AARP members obit that I am paying for, do all 3 get the discount?

    reply to Carla

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