Back to School

Crayons, pencils, and notebook paper, oh my! It all adds up. Just ask any parent with school-age children and you’ll probably get a clear idea of the costs associated with preparing a child for school in the 21st century.

And I’m not talking about expensive laptops or other electronic study aids. Or even backpacks or clothes. I’m talking about the kind of basic equipment we all used back in the day and that is still required.

In short, the result of school re-starting can be a financial burden on families, most especially those with little extra money to spare.

Fortunately, non-profit organizations in many communities across America help provide materials for those families in need. These organizations, in turn, rely largely on cash or equipment donations from individuals or companies, such as Consumer Cellular.

Recently, our Portland, Phoenix and Redmond sites all held back-to-school drives. Collectively, including our company match, we raised more than $10,000 to help supply school children with much-needed supplies this fall.

That’s not all. This winter we’ll be holding holiday gift drives at all three sites as well. Next spring and summer, we’ll be participating in charity walks and runs. And, of course, throughout the year we will participate in blood bank drives.

Our employees don’t just give their time and effort at work; they also contribute in many other ways, often after-hours and on their own time and with their own money. That pleases me because I don’t believe a company should be just a group of people clocking in and clocking out.

I think the ultimate value of a company is best exemplified by how each employee can make a positive difference to family and friends, to neighbors and strangers—and, of course, to customers. In that context, I believe Consumer Cellular employees continue to earn the highest grade possible. They are, indeed, at the head of the class.

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