Apps of the Month – April

Hello, I’m Pat from Consumer Cellular. You might remember me from the how-to videos on our YouTube channel. Now I’m very excited to introduce another free customer-friendly service. Beginning in April, once a month in this blog we’ll highlight three to five FREE Android applications for your smartphone.

First, a little background: Google Play, a digital marketplace previously known as the Android Market is a mobile operating system from Google. With Google Play, you’re able to download your favorite apps, books, games and music to your Consumer Cellular smartphone.

This month, I’m pleased to tell you about four very popular free apps: GasBuddy, Words with Friends, White Pages, and Bar Code Scanner.

The handwriting is on the pump: gas prices are rising again. And, as we all know, prices can vary greatly, from one station to the next. That’s where GasBuddy comes to the rescue. This free Android app helps you find the cheapest gas prices in your area, no matter where you might find yourself in the USA. With a single click, you get a list of gas stations and their current gas prices nearest you. Plenty of others might overpay for their gas, but you won’t.

Called “Delightfully addictive,” Words with Friends is a takeoff on Scrabble and ranks as the #1 mobile word game. Launch the app on your smartphone and before you know it you’re playing a word-game with a favorite friend or relative. You’re automatically notified when it’s your turn, which is a good thing because you can play up to 20 games simultaneously. Words with Friendsis an excellent way to keep your mind sharp and stay in touch at the same time. So, what’s a seven-letter word for this app: Awesome!

Are you still paying for directory assistance calls from your smartphone? Don’t. Because now you don’t have to, thanks to White Pages, a free, easy-to-use Android app. This #1 online phone directory gives you fingertip access to contact numbers for more than 200 million U.S. households and businesses. Plus, you get one tap access to a store locator feature to help you find nearby businesses in a hurry. White Pages also has a reverse phone lookup feature that enables you to track those unknown numbers that mysteriously show up on your phone. Recent search results are saved for easy access later, even when you’re off the network.

Comparison shopping has never been easier, with the free Barcode Scanner app for Android smartphones. The scanner handles both UPC codes, for quick product searches, and QR Codes, which contain URLs, contact info, etc. So, the next time you’re shopping and you wonder if an item is priced fairly, just whip out your smartphone, fire up the Barcode Scanner app and see what prices are like online or at other stores for the same item. This app is designed to save you some easy money and valuable time.

No matter which app you wish to add, it’s super easy to download and install applications to your smartphone. Watch our how-to video and start downloading your free apps today!

And don’t forget to let us know which Android apps you’re using. We might want to add your favorite app to our Apps of the Month list next time.

Until next month, may the Apps be with you!

5 Thoughts on "Apps of the Month – April"



  2. Carolyn Sherwood says

    Just heard about this company. Am so glad and will be looking into it further for my use. Thank you for helping make this new high-tech stuff much more user friendly for us senior citizens (I'm 64). Have been thinking about putting my toe in the water by trying a smartphone, but need it to be easy. Love your how-to tutorial videos!

  3. billl walt says

    Is your smartphones filled up with all the programs that you want on them that takes up all the memory so that I can't add what I want or won't allow me to delete what you put on the phone that I will NEVER EVER use?

    • Dominic at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Bill. You may customize any of our smartphones to your liking. You will be able to add or remove apps at your leisure. If you need any additional assistance, please feel free to contact us at 888-484-3062. Thank you.