Apps of the Month – July

The last time I checked it’s still July and still summer. Which is why this month, I’d like to introduce another useful travel app: WHERE. Right here, in this column. No, WHERE is the name of the travel app I’m talking about. I’d also like to recommend Mint and Hamilton Mobile CapTel, two very useful and popular apps, especially if you plan to do any traveling this summer.

WHERE LiteIf you’re in a strange neighborhood, who you gonna call? Forget Ghostbusters. Your best bet may be to use the free Android app WHERE. This app helps you discover nearby restaurants, bars, stores, and more with just a few taps. You get access to special offers and deals at local businesses, as well. And you can save your favorite places and share them with friends. Nearly 50,000 users have given WHERE a grade of 4.3. One WHERE fan believes “there’s not much you can’t find with the app.” Another user summed the app up nicely: “Where is amazing!” And still another said, “I’ve been a longtime owner of this app and it has never failed me, at all!” Simply put, WHERE answers the question: Where should I go next?

MintThere’s an old expression that goes, “Rich or poor, it’s nice to have money.” No matter how much or how little money you might have in your checking account, it’s good to know how much is really in there at any point in time. You’d probably also like to know if you are over or under your monthly budget. Mint is a free, password-protected Android app that can tell you these things and more. The app enables you to track, budget, and manage your money—all from your smartphone. Mint users have awarded the app a grade of 4.1. But that’s not all. In January of this year, Lifehacker selected Mint as the “Best mobile personal finance tool”; in November of last year, it was a PC Magazine Editor’s Choice; and around the same time last winter Kiplinger’s listed Mint as one of its Must-Have Money Apps. One happy Mint user called it, “The perfect app if you are looking to control all your expenses.” Mint is full of charts and graphs and can even send you a weekly email about your spending. It’s great for showing others—especially grandkids—how you keep track of your spending.

Hamilton Mobile CapTelPeople who experience hearing loss no longer need to worry about missing out on conversation when traveling. They can download the FREE Hamilton Mobile CapTel Android App on their own at any time. The app enables you to read captions of what’s being said to you during cell phone conversations as you listen and talk with people on the go! In a process that’s similar to captions on a television, word-for-word transcriptions of what’s said are displayed on your smartphone. You’re able to listen to what you can, and read what you can’t hear. Again, the app is free and fully compatible with Consumer Cellular smartphones.

Ready to download and install applications to your smartphone? To find out how, please watch the video below and start downloading cool apps today! And don’t forget to let us know which smartphone apps you’re already using. Who knows? We might want to share your favorite app story with the rest of our customers.

So it goes. Another month is upon us with another chance to download some cool apps to your smartphone. Enjoy your summer and may the Apps be with you!

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  1. Bob Coleman says

    Went to download “Where” per your suggestion and its says not for this carrier???

    reply to Bob

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