Android has Arrived

If you’ve been following Consumer Cellular’s social media outlets, you may have noticed comments about us adding a smartphone to our lineup. We quietly released the phone in August, but now, we are making the official announcement to the general public about the availability of our premiere smartphone option!

As I’m sure you’re well aware, smartphones have been in the marketplace for a number of years now. There have been a variety of models to fit the needs and desires of the public, but ultimately a few have risen above the others to become the primary product in use today. We at Consumer Cellular have compared cell phone models and considered their overall performance, functionality, and ease of use when deciding which model to offer you.

After our cell phone comparison, the Android caught our eye, based on its popularity in the marketplace.

So we began internal testing of the Motorola Bravo a full-featured Android phone with outstanding usability, incredibly powerful app capabilities, a great camera, and it can even make a good phone call! We distributed the phones to a number of test users, some who had little to no smartphone experience whatsoever, and they were successful in teaching themselves the features of the phone — just as the research had indicated would be the case.

Now that we’ve made what we feel will be the best possible smartphone selection for Consumer Cellular’s user base, we are happy to make it available to you. Our customer service staff has been training on the new phone and are eager to help make your new smartphone experience the best possible. Our research, testing and methodical selection process has taken time, but, as always, it is our goal to provide you with the best in products and services now and into the future. We are looking forward to hearing your feedback on the new Motorola Bravo!

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