For the 11th consecutive time, Consumer Cellular has been ranked highest in customer service among all wireless providers. In the latest study by J.D. Power, Consumer Cellular earned a Customer Care index score of 863 out of a possible 1,000 points—the highest score earned by any carrier in any category in the survey!

“We are thrilled that once again, our customers have ranked us number one,” said Ed Evans, CEO of Consumer Cellular. “Service is at the forefront of everything we do at Consumer Cellular, and it means a great deal to see our efforts recognized. This award belongs to our employees, each of whom share in our company’s commitment to providing exceptional service.”

J.D. Power’s 2021 U.S. Wireless Customer Care Non-Contract Performance Study—Volume 2 was conducted from January through June, 2021. The studies results are based on responses shared by 13,599 wireless customers nationwide, reflecting the experiences of current customers who contacted their carrier’s customer care department within the past three months.

Best known for its automotive awards, J.D. Power studies provide quality benchmarks for multiple industries, including technology, utilities, financial services, and healthcare. They are based on independent, unbiased feedback from verified users of a company’s products and services, offering data driven insights that identify both what a company does well, and which areas of the customer experience require improvement.

“Every day, we hear from our customers about the quality of service provided by our employees, who go above and beyond to ensure everyone has a good experience with Consumer Cellular,” Evans noted. “After a year with so much uncertainty, we feel great knowing that more than four million customers have entrusted us with one of their primary forms of communication.” Consumer Cellular’s score of 863 among Value Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) was 66 points higher than the nearest competitor in the category, and 50 points higher than the average for that segment. It. Overall, it was 44 points higher than the next highest wireless provider in any category included in the JD Power study.


  1. Nancy Medved says

    my cell phone stopped downloading updates. it downloaded 2% of 6need help

    reply to Nancy

    • Hi Nancy, thanks for your post. If you’re trying to update the phone, we recommend making sure that the phone to WiFi to allow for those to complete, and if your battery is low, plug the phone in before you start that process. If you’re continuing to have trouble, give us a call at 800-686-4460 or chat with one of us here and we’d be happy to help.

      reply to Jacob

  2. Cheryl L Martin says

    I have a question. I live out in the country and have a metal roof on my house. I have much difficulty receiving and making calls. I need a signal booster. What do you recommend?

    reply to Cheryl

    • Hi Cheryl, thanks for your question. We don’t offer a booster, and we can’t guarantee that one purchased from a third-party seller would work. We do offer things like WiFi calling though to help with this situation. Give us a call at 800-686-4460 or chat with one of our agents here for further assistance.

      reply to Jacob

  3. DIANE FISHER says

    i have an samxung gallaxy with AT&T. can this be switched over to consumer celler with no problems? from what i’m reading people have a lot of complaints with the service so i’m not sure i want to switch. i have had no problem with AT&T but for my plan it’s getting expensive and i wanted some information on your service. i’ve heard of pros and cons.

    reply to DIANE

    • Hi Diane, thanks for your question. If the phone is completely unlocked from other networks, is GSM-compatible, and VoLTE capable, it may work on our network. We can’t guarantee compatibility for all models, but we’ll do all that we can to see if we can get that working for you. If you have any questions or concerns about service all, definitely feel free to give us a call at 800-686-4460 or chat with one of our agents here and we’d be happy to help.

      reply to Jacob

  4. Russ Stone says

    I’ve been advised by Consumer Cellular (CC) that my Samsung Note 4 (Model SM-N910A) phone, a “4G LTE” device, will soon not work on the CC network once 3G service is terminated.

    I just recently found this, on AT&T’s website: which indicates that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (N910A) WILL work on their network after 3G phaseout in Feb. 2022.

    If, as I was told recently by a CC customer service rep, CC utilizes AT&T infrastructure in my local area, why am I being told that my two Note 4 phones currently running on the CC (ATT?) network will soon no longer work?

    reply to Russ

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