With 2022 behind us, we wanted to reflect on some of the memorable moments of the year. We welcomed a brand-new rate plan, opened two Consumer Cellular Retail Stores and two new call centers, introduced eSIM and started carrying some of your favorite devices!

For a quick recap, this year, we brought more data to our customers with no price increase! We introduced eSIM technology, allowing you to activate your device in 15 minutes or less. The end of 2022 brought two brand-new Consumer Cellular stores and two new call centers, both created to continue bringing the best customer support. And saving the best for last, we were thrilled to welcome Ted Danson as our new spokes partner!

Looking forward to the new year; 2023 will bring many exciting releases! In the coming months, we will have exciting announcements regarding new devices from Samsung, Apple, Nokia and Motorola. Given the amazing devices released this year, we can only imagine what 2023 has in store!

We will soon be adding tablets and smartwatches available in stores and online! Tablet technology makes it easier than ever to watch movies, write letters and share pictures on the go or the sofa. Smartwatches, such as the Apple Watch, provide an abundance of features, such as heart rate monitoring or letting you know your smartphone’s location. With a Smartwatch, you can customize the features to match your needs, giving you peace of mind. Last but not least, we will welcome more Consumer Cellular retail stores in 2023, where you can see all the latest and greatest products we have to offer in person!

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