Tuesday Tip: How to Use Siri to Create a Password

Mobile Phone Security Concept

Siri is extremely helpful for a number of things like quickly providing the phone number or address for a local pizza place or solving a bet on a trivia answer.

But did you know Siri can also help you create a strong, random password? Here’s how:

Start by pressing and holding the Home button on your iPhone. Then follow these steps:


  1. Say the following phrase to Siri: “Wolfram password.”
  2. Siri will produce a screen with an 8-character password (and its phonetic alphabet translation).
  3. Below you will see the password’s statistics (information like: how many passwords exist within the length and character set used; how long it would take a computer to break the password, and the password’s entropy—or how random it is).
  4. For a longer, unique password, you can tell Siri how many characters you want the password to be. So for a 25-character password, you would say the following at step 2: “Wolfram password 25 characters”.

Voila! You now have one long—and strong—password to keep your online information safe and secure.

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  1. stevef2222 says

    how do you remember the siri 25 digit password???

    reply to stevef2222

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