Spring Break Sweepstakes

Last year, one of our customers won a guitar autographed by Reba McEntire. And winning couldn’t have been easier. The customer didn’t have to do anything out of the ordinary to win, such as unravel cryptic clues or appear on Dancing with the Stars. Instead, all she did was download a ringtone – and by doing so was automatically entered in the contest.

Now, I’m pleased to announce we’re offering another sweepstakes this year and entering is just as easy. To qualify, all you have to do is download a ringtone from the “Spring Break 2013” category to your Consumer Cellular phone, any time during the month of March.

Spring Break Sweepstakes

How easy? Entering takes three short steps:

1. Log in to your account from the My Account page.

2. Click on the Content Store link (it’s on the right-hand side).

3. Download a tune from the “Spring Break 2013” category.

Will you win a guitar? Close but no guitar this time. Instead, the winner will get a music lover’s beach bag brimming with goodies: over a dozen CDs from top-selling artists, autographed memorabilia, t-shirts, hats and, of course, must-have beach essentials like sunblock and SPF lip balm. The grand prize winner will get everything from an autographed Lisa Marie Presley poster to a CD of the Les Miserables soundtrack. In other words, this is not your ordinary beach bag.  The winner’s bag includes many things to keep and other things to share, too many to list in this blog post, with a retail value of more than $550!

So hurry up and download a Spring Break ringtone before the month ends.  Dream the dream and you could find yourself as master of the beach, listening to the latest hits.

For more details, go to www.csky.com/spring-break-sweepstakes.

6 Thoughts on "Spring Break Sweepstakes"

  1. Jay Butler says

    Why do I have to spend more money to enter a contest?

    reply to Jay

  2. Don says

    Sorry, but the link (when I am logged in) has only the Buy option for $2.99.

    reply to Don

  3. Katherine Bobrowski says

    Dear consumer Cellular I have been trying to enter your sweepstakes and I have been going to your face book it wont let me enter your sweepstakes because it keep saying that your sweepstakes ended ps can you please enter me in your sweepstakes

    reply to Katherine

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