SmartFlex Explained: More Data, No Additional Fees 

Some months, you just need a little more flex in your data plan, others, you need less. With our SmartFlex feature you can “flex” your data needs up or down at any time without reduced speeds or penalty charges—at the end of the month, we simply bill you for the plan that fit your needs.

How does SmartFlex work? 

Look, we get it, sometimes we need a little more or a little less. SmartFlex is here to help you when and if the time comes and you go over your plan’s monthly data limit. It’s simple, if you reach your limit, we bump you up to the next plan. This will give you the best possible rate for your current use, and without any overage or penalty fees – just pay your new plan’s monthly rate. Through our Usage Alert system, you’ll be notified when an upgrade has occurred. When the time comes, you can flex your plan back down through MyAccount. For customers in our largest data plan, access to high-speed data will be reduced if the plan’s data limit is exceeded, and you will experience slower speeds for the remainder of the billing cycle. You can opt in or out of SmartFlex anytime by calling Customer Care at (877) 304-6995.  

What happens after SmartFlex changes you plan? You have a few options. 

Keep your new plan; no action required 

As there’s nothing you need to do, you’ll stay in your new plan until you change it or need more data. You’ll never pay additional fees above and beyond your new monthly rate. Note that you can change your plan without penalty if you choose to. 

Switch back to your original plan

If you used more data than you expected in one month but know you won’t continue to need it, you can easily change back to your original plan for the next month’s billing cycle. With Consumer Cellular, you can change your plan whenever you need to, as much as you need to, with no hassle or additional fees. To change your plan, log in and click “Change Plan” or call us at (888) 345-5509. 

Not interested in SmartFlex? 

If you prefer to stick to your current plan’s data limit and keep your monthly bill the same, you can turn off the SmartFlex feature of your account by contacting customer service at (877) 304-6995.