PC Magazine says Consumer Cellular is the “Best of the Best”

In the words of PC Magazine: “Our readers have spoken. Inexpensive plans, no contracts, and a strong network make for a dominant performance in our survey—and a convincing winner.” The name of that convincing winner? Consumer Cellular.

On a scale of zero to ten, we finished in the annual PC Magazine survey with an overall score of 8.7, nearly a full point higher than the highest-rated large carrier.

Among the many reasons consumers are happy with Consumer Cellular is our affordable cell phone plans, not to mention our customer-friendly policies. As our customers know, we can provide cell phone service for as little as $10 a month, and even less for AARP members. Plus, we’re a no-contracts company, which means you’re never stuck in a 2-year contract or penalized for changing your cell phone plan.

It’s not uncommon for our customers to refer a friend or family member to Consumer Cellular. In fact, we scored the highest marks in the key category of “Likely to Recommend,” coming in at an amazing 8.9. And in the all-important category of “Fees,” we received an even higher approval rating of 9.2 which reinforces our affordability.

Other reasons were given for our selection as the #1 rated mobile phone carrier. Because we utilize one of the largest and most reliable cellular networks, we’re able to offer expansive cell phone coverage throughout the U.S.

In addition, we offer a 100% risk-free guarantee. Our customer service centers are totally U.S.-based. And our phones are all reasonably priced, ranging from basic flip phones to the latest in smartphone devices.

We are proud to have earned the PC Magazine Readers’ Choice Award this year for mobile carriers and to have them designate Consumer Cellular as the “Best of the Best.” I assure you, we’ll continue doing what it takes to earn the respect of American consumers. The truth is, when you put your customers first, good things follow, including awards.

18 Thoughts on "PC Magazine says Consumer Cellular is the “Best of the Best”"

  1. Rob Dunne says

    Good article and congrats on the success. It’s a very compelling offering filling what was a clear void in the market place.

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  2. Peter Distasio says

    I was a little suspicious about switching from Verizon after five years. I bought an At&t phone on Amazon and had it up and running in minutes after Consumer Cellular sent me the necessary SIM card. I can’t believe how friendly and thorough they are. I can actually understand them since they are all from USA. I can get through almost instantly and any concerns I have are handled immediately. Thank you Consumer Cellular you will have my vote for the best cellular service. Again thank you.

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  3. Mike says

    I’m a Canadian snowbird, and happy to have discovered CC. The only improvement I can request is that you add texts to Canada into the monthly message allowance – 20 cents per text is a bit rich, don’t you think?

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  4. Gail says

    If you go with consumer cellular is it possible to use the same number as your land line.
    Thank You!!!!

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  5. Alicia Tang says

    I am using ATT family plan under my husband’s name. I have an IPhone-4 and I want to switch to Consumer Cellular and keep my phone number. Is it possible. While my husband also has an Assurance phone number (State Government subsidize phone plan for senior) which he wants to keep. Is it possible to transfer this number to Consumer Cellular. He plans to get a Moto G which allow him to use wifi on whatsapp.

    reply to Alicia

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Thanks for asking Alicia! AT&T phones work well with our service, and we can transfer your existing phone number for you. As for your husband, we can transfer almost any phone number, and the Moto G will be a great fit! If you would like to speak with our customer support team and get started with us, please give them a call at 888-345-5509 and they can walk you through the process. We appreciate the comment.

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  6. Beverly Chick says

    I have a question. Will Consumer Cellular allow you to have the same telephone number if you switch to them? I don’t want to get a new number, I just want to get a new cell phone system. I need the same number.

    reply to Beverly

    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Great question Beverly! In almost every case, we can transfer your existing phone number to our service without any issues. We will do it for you absolutely free- just call our customer support team at 888-345-5509, and they will be happy to help. Thank you again for the comment!

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  7. Linda Bonuccelli says

    why did u send out a massive email to your customers about improved service
    when my plan showed zero change?? just asking

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  8. james king says

    I am concerned about the size of the screen on cell phones in general. What cell phone and size would you recommend?

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    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for asking, James! Every person has different needs, but we try to offer a variety of phones with options for everyone. If you prefer a feature phone, our Doro PhoneEasy offers a very bright, easy to read screen. We also offer many smartphones with large touchscreens. For example, the Moto G has a 4.5″ display! To compare some of the options, try our Phone Comparison page to look at up to 3 phones side by side and compare them. You can go to it here. Thank you again for the comment!

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  9. Christopher Jones says

    One of the reasons I switched to CC is the high level of customer service. I was recently disappointed to discover your policy that prohibits a customer from having more than 5 lines of service at the same address or on the same account. The representative could not explain the business reason behind the policy. Today’s consumers want multiple lines of service for ipads and smartphones for everyone in the family. I have 6 family members and three ipads.

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    • Ashley at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for your comments, Christoper. I understand your frustration, and I’ll be sure to pass the feedback on to our management team. Thank you again for taking the time!

      reply to Ashley

  10. Sue Jones says

    Buyers beware! CC only sends phones via registered mail. If you are not available when delivered you will have to pick up at Post Office. I suggest equally secure UPS or FedEx. each of who will redeliver at a designated time. Also phones on web site are not always available in stores.

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    I am a CC customer for years, still using the “Envoy”, and was thinking about upgrading to the Doro 7050.
    Reading some reviews from PC mag did not make me happy and now thinking about the Link.
    Any help greatly appreciated.

    reply to THOMAS

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Thank you for posting, Thomas. The Consumer Cellular Link would be more comparable with the Consumer Cellular Envoy, if you are looking for something that has similar usability and functions, but is more up-to-date.

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  12. thomas MUELLER says

    thanks Nicole; do either the Link or Doro 7050
    qualify as 4g?

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