Our Annual Grandparents Day Contest Begins

Don’t miss out on your chance to win a $10,000 vacation!

July is one of my favorite months. I like and look forward to July because by then here in Portland, summer is usually—and finally—showing itself and in all its splendor.

But that’s not the only reason. In fact, I’m not even sure that’s the biggest reason. I am especially looking forward to July this year because it marks the start of our annual Grandparents Day contest. Of the many traditions started here at Consumer Cellular, our Grandparents Day contest is my favorite. By far.

I’d like to explain why. First, we hear from a lot of people, customers and non-customers alike—and I mean a lot. We introduced our annual storytelling contest in 2010 to honor the role grandparents play in families. We received nearly 500 entries that year and thousands of votes were cast; the following year, in 2011, we were swamped, in a good way, with an abundance of more than 2,000 entries.

And when I say “entries,” I don’t mean those people merely filled out a form. They put serious thought and effort into telling us something special about their families. These are big-hearted family stories and I look forward to reading or watching them every year. We all do.

Entries this year are accepted from July 1st to August 15th. And the rules are super easy. Our contest is open to anyone who is 13 years or older and there’s no entry fee. Plus, you don’t have to be a Consumer Cellular customer to participate. Just write an essay or create a video telling us your grandparent-related story.

Who knows? You could win a European river cruise for two or a family vacation package to Orlando for four—each prize is valued at up to $10,000! Visit our contest web page for complete rules and regulations, as well as prize details. And for inspiration, I encourage you to watch the brief video below.

I believe that relatives are more than mere branches on a family tree. In many ways, what makes a family—and keeps it connected to its past and future generations—are its stories. Please don’t forget to send us yours.

5 Thoughts on "Our Annual Grandparents Day Contest Begins"

  1. Carol McKinney says

    Even though my parents were fabulous, they seemed to shine from within as grandparents. All total they had 5 grandchildren,3 boys and 2 girls. Even though their mortal life has passed them, they have not been forgotten. So many wonderful stories are being passed generation to generation at every family gathering. My father died before my son was born, often my Ryan says “gee mom, I never met Grandpa in person but I feel like I know him and could recognize him if I ever had a chance to see him in person!”Grandma was so good with newspaper, she had me following footprints out of newspaper and many more clues until I solved the mystery! It was so much fun and I was never bored! said Ryan.

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  2. Roger says

    We as grandparents had a special surprise last year as our twin grandaughter was chosen by Flowerpot Press publishing to illustrate a childrens book called Daisy,Daisy and her book is being sold on Amazon and Books-A-Million.She draws with a computer mouse and also paints with brushes.She is now working on her fourth book.Her name is Nicole Groot.She & her twin brother Nathan are also acomplished musicians and they play the violin and viola.

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  3. Laurinda Mincher says

    I thought of some words: Adorable, Pals, I hope they got treats for this pose!

    reply to Laurinda

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