Make Photos Fun With These Great Editing Apps

In my last blog, I shared with you how to use the social media photo sharing sites Instagram and Pinterest. But those are far from the only apps that let you do creative things with the countless photos you’ve accumulated in your smartphone’s camera roll. Here are a few others that I’ve been having lots of fun with lately. Each of these fun photography apps are available for iPhone or Android phones, and they’re all free to download. Plus, they’re a great way to connect with the younger crowd in your family—you’ll get some real “cool” points by adding neat touches to your photos and sharing them on social media!

It seems like everybody in the digital world is using “emojis” these days as quick and easy shorthand for expressing a mood or a thought. With Bitmoji, you get to create your own personalized emoji’s, featuring your own face! You start by creating an “avatar,” or caricature, from a photo you upload to the app, then take it from there. Insert your new cartoon twin into all sorts of “emoji’s”—laughing, crying, performing heroic deeds, you name it! Then, sprinkle your texts and online chat with these unique creations to really impress, or at least really amuse, your friends!

Pixlr provides unique photo editing tools that let you turn your pictures into fascinating works of art. It offers over two million combinations of effects, overlays, and filters. With these, you can add or alter the color and focus of a chosen photo, create photo collages with a variety of backgrounds and layouts, adjust the mood of your shot, add graphics and text, and so much more.

If you love to create collages, stickers, or scrapbooks, you’ll enjoy using Pic Collage. There are hundreds of layouts and templates to choose from to dress up your photos! Clip pictures just by tracing your finger on the screen and use bits and pieces to make custom montages. You can even doodle right on it to really give it that DIY, home-made look.

And with each of these photography apps, you can also share your work with your connections on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any of your other favorite social media sites. I think you’ll really enjoy the chance they provide to get in touch with your artistic side, entertain your family and friends, and just have some fun with your photos!

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