Track Important Health Data Using Your Smartphone

Looking to improve your health and wellness? There’s an app for that! As a matter of fact, there are thousands of free smartphone apps designed to help you stay fit, eat better and feel great.

One of the handiest features on many smartphones these days is the built-in step counter. Experts say everyone should aim to take 10,000 steps a day, and it’s easy to keep track using Apple Health on your iPhone, or Google Fit on an Android device.

These apps offer a wide range of health-tracking features designed to assist with managing your eating habits and weight loss goals, developing healthier sleep routines and more. You can even pair these with a wearable device or link them to online health tracking sites to chart your progress or, to add a little extra fun, compete with others.

Medisafe offers a convenient way to keep track of your medications, letting you set reminders for when to take your pills each day or when it’s time to arrange to have a prescription refilled. With the app, you can even track important measurements like blood pressure, weight, and glucose.

One of the best methods for getting and staying fit is yoga. This list introduces multiple apps that provide step-by-step workouts suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced practitioners. Couple your new yoga practice with the mindfulness tips offered by the Headspace app; it includes guided meditations and tips for other relaxation techniques that can help you develop a healthier, happier, and more stress-free lifestyle.

Let your smartphone be your companion in helping move your health forward! With these great apps, you hold the key to controlling your diet, exercise, and wellness routines right in the palm of your hand.

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    The Iphone Health app is not accurate in number of steps or miles walked.