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Free iPhone App for Consumer Cellular Customers

Here at Consumer Cellular, we believe simpler is often better. That’s one reason why we don’t ask you to sign a contract. It’s why our Contact Centers are totally U.S.-based, making it simpler and easier for you to communicate whenever you need assistance.MyCC iphone-01

And it’s also why we offer a free, simple-to-use smartphone app, such as our My CC Android app, to help you manage your Consumer Cellular account any time of day or night.

Now I’m pleased to announce the availability of a similar app, “My Consumer Cellular (My CC),” for the iPhone.

This app enables you to easily manage your cell phone plan usage while on the go. You can check your voice, text and data usage directly from your iPhone. You’ll be able to respond immediately to any Usage Alerts from us, helping you to avoid unnecessary overage fees.

Whether you’re using your free Consumer Cellular app on an iPhone or an Android device, you’ll always be just one click away from your account. No surprises and no delays. You’re simply in control. The way it should be.

14 Thoughts on "Free iPhone App for Consumer Cellular Customers"

  1. Donald Mohler says

    Consumer Cellular is the best thing that ever happened to me. I am so happy they now have a My CC app for the iphone. Thanks Consumer Cellular. Well Done !!! When I show my friends how little I pay compared to what they are paying, they cannot believe it is possible. But I know and all other CC users know the truth. It is possible and with great service. Your making the big boys sweat. Keep up the good work.

    reply to Donald

  2. Jo Ekas says

    This app requires IOS 7 which is not available for my Iphone 3gs which I purchased from Consumer Cellular. Just FYI.

    reply to Jo

  3. Linda Clark says

    Do you offer this in Sapulpa, OK?

    reply to Linda

  4. Jeremy says

    App works well, but crashes when left in the background on my my iPhone 4S with IOS7, and then is brought back into the foreground. Relaunching it brings it back to life.

    reply to Jeremy

  5. LeeAnn Allen says

    I have been trying to start A account with you and can Not find where to sign up ? I

    reply to LeeAnn

  6. KJ Conway says

    I would like to see the rates.

    reply to KJ

  7. Kimberly Griffin says

    I Love Consumer Cellular its the best cellular service I
    found in a long time. There phones are afforable and the
    Plans are afforable. Customer Service Reps are friendly and
    help you any way possible. I reccomend Consumer Cellular
    to all my friends my Mom got a phone from Consumer
    Cellular and loves it. Thanks Consumer Cellular for such
    For great service.

    reply to Kimberly

  8. Clarence says

    Finally a cellular provider with whom I am happy. Having used several, Consumer Cellular is the best I have experienced. I love the plans, the rates and the flexibility to change the plan at any time during the billing period. Compared to my earlier provider, I now pay about 1/2 as much as I did before, and I have better coverage and better service.

    Thank you

    reply to Clarence

  9. Dick says

    Hi. I have an iPhone 3 running OS 6 & an wifi only iPad running OS 7. Because the iPad is wi-fi only the Consumer Cellular (CC) app does not show up for download. If it did, then the earlier version of the CC app might then be made available on the iPhone 3. Soooo how about making the CC app available to wifi only iPad users as a convenience to check the current account state AND incidentally making the app available to iPhone 3 users. Thanks.

    reply to Dick

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