If you’re among our more than 4 million satisfied customers, why not tell your friends? We love having satisfied customers, and we really love it when they share that happiness.

And here’s the best part about doing so: it pays to share! We always offer a Refer-A-Friend credit, which rewards both you and your friend if they decide to sign up for our service. Now, to celebrate the holiday season, we’re making it an even bigger reward: tell your friends about all the great benefits you get from Consumer Cellular, and if they sign up by December 31, 2020 you’ll each receive a $25 referral credit on your next bill.

That’s more than double our usual $10 Refer-A-Friend credit. Plus, if your friend starts service by December 31, they can also take advantage of our $25 Add-A-Line promotion for starting new service. That means they can enjoy $50 (or more) in savings to get started with us.

Best of all, there’s plenty of savings to go around: tell as many friends as you want—we’ll give you a $25 referral credit for each and every one who signs up during this time. We even make it easy to get started: just click here to create an email to your friends, and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you’re delighted with the low prices, nationwide coverage, and great customer service you get from Consumer Cellular, don’t keep it to yourself. Let your friends know, and celebrate with special $25 savings. Remember, it always pays to share—and this holiday season, it pays more than ever!


  1. Melinda Rae Carlton says

    what number do you call to get Roadside Assistance?

    reply to Melinda

  2. Vira von K Scott says

    Where can I find my log in number

    reply to Vira

  3. Vira von K Scott says

    I referred a friend to consumer cellular

    reply to Vira

  4. Vira von K Scott says

    I referred a friend to consumer cellular want her to get $25 dollars for joining your phone company

    reply to Vira

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      Hi Vira, all your friend has to do is provide your Consumer Cellular cell phone number when signing up, or contact us with it within 60 days of getting started.

      reply to Nicole

  5. Carl Micheal says

    Not sure if you ever switched cell phone providers but here is a good time to check out Consumer Cellular, the service we use and are very happy with.


    reply to Carl

  6. Ronald Weethee says

    My fiance recently signed up ,

    reply to Ronald

  7. Debbie Santini says

    Thank you Consumer Cellular for the great service I was given over the years. I have my Internet with Spectrum at a special offer, which ended December, if I did’t take their cellular and internet bundle I would have to pay an extra 17.00 a month for my internet. So I had to switch. I loved the pay on line service, which was very convenient. The phone I purchased was very nice also, my son liked his flip phone since it was easy to maneuver. Instead of a smart phone. Thanks again for all the great years of service.

    reply to Debbie

  8. Charli Clark says

    Tried to refer a friend, they try using my cell number as referral contact and it says it is not valid.

    reply to Charli

  9. Francine Raubvogel says

    I referred a friend but they had difficulty trying to sign up online. When the called customer service, they were closed and not opening again until Jan2. I guess we both lost out of the promotion. It would have been nice for the promotion to clearly state “must sign up by Dec 31 at 5PM.”

    reply to Francine

  10. ScottD says

    What exactly are the terms for getting a referral bonus? If my friend refers me, and I’m already a CC customer, do I get the bonus if I add a 2nd line ?

    reply to ScottD

    • Great questions to ask, Scott. The referral bonus only applies to people who are getting their own account with us, and don’t live at your same address. For example, if your friend signed up for service and let us know that you referred them, then you both would get that referral credit applied to your accounts. Adding an additional line wouldn’t get you the referral credit.

      reply to Jacob

  11. Elena Turcu says

    Hello Jacob – can you add this requirement to the advertisement? I just wanted to do enable a referral bonus, but was advised that I could not since the accounts are at the same address. So, this promotion would not cater to the “Golden Girls” or “Three’s Company” residents 🙂

    reply to Elena

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