5G Now Available with Consumer Cellular

Upgrade to 5G with Consumer Cellular

The Latest Evolution in Wireless

5G coverage is now available to Consumer Cellular customers nationwide. It’s the next generation in wireless technology, offering faster speeds for many activities and opening up exciting possibilities for the future use of wireless networks.

Accessing 5G networks requires an upgrade to a 5G compatible smartphone, and we are now offering a selection of these in our device lineup, including the latest flagship devices from Samsung and Apple. View our 5G smartphone choices here.

There is no additional cost on your monthly service for using 5G. Just keep in mind that your activities while connected to 5G will be using data from your cellphone plan.

No Changes for 4G Users

For customers who remain delighted with the quality of their current device using 4G networks, absolutely no change is required.

Existing 4G networks will remain in place, unchanged, letting you do everything you want with your wireless device. Manufacturers will continue to develop and release new 4G compatible devices including all of the latest features, and Consumer Cellular will continue to offer and support a wide selection of these at every price point, for years to come.

We’ve Got You Covered

For those who wish to explore 5G with Consumer Cellular, you’re now able to do so. Or, if you’re satisfied with the speed and performance of existing 4G, continue to enjoy!

Whichever you prefer, you can count on us to keep you connected.

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