Low cost, no contract plans put you in control!

Our Talk and Connect plans give you the freedom to connect any way you choose. Get only the minutes, texts, and web data you really need. Change your cellphone plan anytime, as often as you wish—there are never any additional fees.

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Connect Plans 

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What to expect on your bill

Add a shared connection

You can share the minutes, texts, and web data on your account with friends, family—anyone you choose—by adding them to your account for just $10 per month, per additional line.

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Services included in every plan

Stay connected to your world—with ease!
  • Your no contract Consumer Cellular Talk Plan includes several additional free services, including Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, 3-Way Conference Calling, Voicemail and International Direct Dial. There is no extra monthly fee for these services. Talk Plan minutes can be used any time, on any day of the week.

We make it simple for you to get exactly what you need every month.
  • With Consumer Cellular you can change your Talk or Connect plans anytime, as often as you need, with no additional fees or penalties. With our Usage Alerts, you’ll know when you’re approaching your plans’ limits for any given billing period, so you can upgrade to a different plan that better accommodates your needs.

  • As an added benefit, if you ever happen to go over the minutes on your current Talk Plan, or the texts or web data on your Connect Plan, we’ll automatically upgrade you to the next level plan. Your monthly usage will always be covered by the best rate possible—with absolutely no overage fees.

  • If you’ve gone over and had your plan automatically upgraded, you can easily switch back to your previous plan at the start of the next billing cycle.

  • On Connect Plans, our biggest plan offers 5GB of data. Once you have exceeded the 5GB maximum, you will be billed an additional $10 for each extra GB used. You may also experience slower data speeds after 5GB of use.

  • The maximum amount of data available in any billing cycle is 12GB. If you do reach this amount, your data use will be suspended until the next billing cycle starts.

Your Consumer Cellular Plans help keep friends and family connected.
  • You can share the minutes, texts, and web data on your account with friends, family, or anyone else you wish by adding them to your account for just $10 per month, per line. It’s a flexible and low-cost way to keep in touch, and also gives you free calls between all phones on the same Consumer Cellular account.

Enjoy the latest technology to share messages and images.
  • Our text messaging service lets you send and receive both text and picture messages. Use your cellphone to send and receive text messages of up to 160 characters, exchange text messages with another cellphone or send a message via email. You’ll also be able to take a picture and send it immediately, or send an existing picture—all from your phone.

Access the Internet right from your cellphone.
  • With a Connect Plan, you can purchase and download apps, search for directions, keep up with the latest news, check the score of the game, or even entertain yourself with music and videos.