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Cell Phone Buying Guide

Some people need a cell phone just to make an occasional call. Others want to be able to stay in constant touch with everyone, and everything, they hold dear. Our lineup of phones ensures you’ll find exactly what you need. We know the best cell phone for each of our customers is the one they’re happy to use. Which no contract phone is best for you?

Doro 618 flip phone plans

The Flip Phone

Affordable, reliable and, for many, indispensable.

Flip phones cost less, so they’re great for people on limited budgets. But they also appeal to those who actually want something basic. Many of our customers, including some seniors, use their cell phones mostly just to make and receive calls. For them, having a flip phone and one of our low cost cell phone plans is a very affordable way to feel more secure when they’re out and about. With a flip phone you can also text, take pictures, set up call lists, and more. But if these features are really appealing to you — if you want to do a lot more than just talk — you’ll probably be happier with a smartphone. See our flip phones.

IPhone 5s smartphone

The Smartphone

Keeps you in touch with all the important things in your life.

With a smartphone, everything dear to you is in the palm of your hand, wherever you are. At home, say, in the middle of a fun text conversation with all your grandkids. Or video chatting with an old friend. Or sitting in your favorite café surfing your favorite websites. Or taking high quality photos and immediately sharing them via email. Or listening to music and podcasts while taking the dog for a walk. Or getting directions to a new restaurant. Or simply playing a fun game. Smartphones are more expensive than flip phones, and take a little more getting used to. But the payoff for many is beyond words. See our smartphones.

Consumer Cellular free SIM card

Your Own Phone:

With our free SIM card, you can keep it and be our customer.

You don’t have to give up your current cell phone to become one of our customers. Since we carry all the available SIM cards, chances are very good we have one that works with your phone. Here’s some more good news. Our SIM cards are free and there are no activation fees. To be compatible, your phone should be either a Consumer Cellular phone, a phone previously used with AT&T, or an unlocked GSM phone. Feel free to call us to find out if we have a SIM card for your phone. Learn more.

Landline phone plans

Your Home Phone:

Now you can use your landline phone with our service.

If you’re tired of paying for both a landline phone and a cell phone, you can combine both expenses into a single (and more affordable) monthly payment. Our Wireless Home Phone device enables you to cancel your landline service and use your home phone with our wireless network instead. You can even keep the same home phone number you've always had. It’s just like adding a second cell phone line to your account, which means it will use minutes from your cell phone plan. Add the Wireless Home Phone for only an additional $10 a month on your current Consumer Cellular bill. Learn more.

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