Refer a Friend to Consumer Cellular for a Special $25 Offer!

Sometimes, our loyal customers enjoy their Consumer Cellular service so much, they just have to tell somebody about it.

Here’s the best part about doing so: it pays to share! We always offer a Refer-a-Friend credit, which rewards both you and your friend if they decide to sign up for our service. Now, to celebrate the holiday season, we’re making it an even bigger reward: tell your friends about all the great benefits you get from Consumer Cellular, and if they sign up by December 31, 2019 you’ll each receive a $25 referral credit on your next bill!

That’s more than double our usual $10 Refer-a-Friend credit! Plus, if your friend starts service by December 31, they can also take advantage of our $25 Add-a-Line promotion for starting new service. That means they can enjoy $50 (or more) in savings to get started with us!

Best of all, there’s plenty of savings to go around: tell as many friends as you want—we’ll give you a $25 referral credit for each and every one who signs up during this time! We even make it easy to get started: just click here to create an email to your friends, and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you’re one of our more than 3.5 million satisfied customers, don’t keep it to yourself. Let your friends know about Consumer Cellular’s low prices, outstanding customer service, and nationwide coverage. Remember, it pays to share—and this holiday season, it pays even more!

5 Thoughts on "Refer a Friend to Consumer Cellular for a Special $25 Offer!"

  1. Helen and Ken says

    We weren’t satisfied with Great Call’s Jitterbug phone service. So, we did some investigating and found Consumer Cellular. Ken’s been using Consumer Cell for about a month now, and he loves it. Clear and loud reception. Rates are great, and an extra line is only $15. You can even bring your own phone (in most cases). Check out the benefits and rates. I’m getting ready to switch over today–to be added to Ken’s account. Check out their Plans here: Total unlimited talk, text for 2 lines= $40 p/mo. Keep smiling, Helen & Ken

    reply to Helen

  2. HOWARD C MUNN says

    I recently switched from AT&T, but now I can’t view pictures my children send me. A square shows a “multi media message”, but that is all. If I cant get this fixed I am going back to AT&T regardless of the price.

    reply to HOWARD

    • Nicole at Consumer Cellular says

      That can definitely be frustrating, Howard. When you bring over your own phone, this can happen but all you need to do is have the data and picture messaging configured to our service. If you need assistance with this, our customer service team is happy to help if you call us at 888-345-5509 or chat with us here.

      reply to Nicole

  3. Robert M. Webb says

    I have the J7 Samsung purchased from you and the cell phone shows
    that is the 4g lte. But, cc network onlys gives me 3g lte.. why is this a
    problem to get the 4g lte..

    reply to Robert

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