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Connie & Jack – TV Commercials Archive

I am pleased to announce that Connie and Jack, our likeable and upbeat cellphone-loving couple, have returned in two new commercials to help tell you more about our affordable cellphone service. The commercials share a common theme: unlike one-size-fits-all companies, Consumer Cellular lets you create a simple cellphone plan that is perfect for you,...

The Return of Connie & Jack

They’re back! Before I re-introduce them, I’d like to share one of the most popular questions we received about our first Connie and Jack commercial: “When can we expect to see more of Connie and Jack?” The answer is now. We recently finished another commercial featuring our two favorite actors and it’s titled: “Out...

On the Road with Consumer Cellular

I’d like to introduce you to Connie and Jack, they play two Consumer Cellular customers in our newest commercial.  Now that their kids are gone and out of the house, they’re hitting the road in their RV and using their cell phones to keep in touch with others.  In their own words, they’re having...

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