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Expanding Your Options with RadioShack

If you’ve ever driven across country, I’m sure you were amazed at the vast differences in geography you experienced, as well as the wide diversity of America itself. We are a country of many options.

Without straining the comparison, that’s exactly how I perceive our business. I’m a big believer in giving customers as many options as possible, from cell phone plans to cell phones to increasing their minutes on the fly, as their needs change. It’s also why we don’t require customers to sign contracts. Let’s face it, locking a person into a cell phone contract is not exactly customer-friendly and, in fact, only serves to limit their options.

Now I’d like to take a moment to talk about a new option for cell phone users, especially those in rural communities. Consumer Cellular recently partnered with RadioShack®, a leading provider of innovative technology products and services for over ninety years. I’m proud to announce that we’re in more than 200 RadioShack franchise stores, nationwide.

Whether you’re a prospect or a current customer, you can walk into a nearby franchise, talk to a knowledgeable clerk and try our cell phones, up close and personal, before purchasing. To help you find a participating RadioShack (or Sears) store near you, please use our store locator.

Best of all, when you buy your Consumer Cellular phone in a store, you get the same benefits as if you had purchased it directly from us, such as our no-risk, money-back guarantee and special discounts for AARP members.

Plus, starting your service couldn’t be any easier. After you buy your phone, just call our customer support for immediate cell plan activation. They’ll take care of the rest. Or, here’s another option: you can even activate your phone yourself, whenever you’re ready, from home or on the road, by simply going to our activation site.

In many ways, having options is deeply engrained in the American culture, no matter where you live or what you’re buying. We get it. Consumer Cellular is all about giving customers more choices and affordable cell phone plan options.

2 Thoughts on "Expanding Your Options with RadioShack"

  1. David Barth says

    Which Radio Shack store can I go to to verify current cell phone operation under Consumer Cellular and to convert to Consumer Cellular.

    I live in Frisco TX zip: 75034

    reply to David

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