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Usage Alerts Manage your cellphone expenses the easy way.

cellphone usage alerts

Sometimes it's hard to know how many minutes or messages you'll need in a billing cycle. Your usage might be normal one month, and then jump up the following month. That's where Usage Alerts, our automated cellphone usage monitoring system, comes in.

With Usage Alerts, you won't have to worry about extraordinary usage draining your cellphone plan or your bank account. We’ll keep a close eye on your cellphone activity and send you a Usage Alert to let you know when you approach using all of your cellphone plan’s minutes, data, or text messages. You can change your no-contract cellphone plan as often as you like without ever having to pay a fee. Best of all, if you go over what’s provided on your current plan, we automatically upgrade you to the next level plan. This way, you are guaranteed to get the best possible rate — with absolutely no overage fees. How’s that for flexibility and convenience?

Flexible alert options.

When you become a Consumer Cellular customer, an initial set of Usage Alerts are defined for you by default. You may change these settings at any time. Tell us at what usage level you want to be notified (50% and 75%), as well as how you want to be notified (email, text message, or both). The process is simple and immediate and is performed online in your secure My Account page.

Timely notifications.

Email alerts are sent — anytime of day or night — once usage has been processed. Text message alerts are sent only between the hours of 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. to make sure we don't intrude on your evening. And we never charge for text message alerts you receive.

Change your plan — retroactively.

Unlike most other cellphone companies, we'll let you change your rate plan retroactively up to the last day of your billing cycle. This means you can lock-in the best pricing for the month, even when the month is almost over. Remember, we don't believe in contracts or penalties. We simply want to make sure our customers get the cheapest and best rate, no matter the circumstances.

Beats an unlimited service plan.

Let's face it, unlimited service plans sound nice on the surface but they're not cheap. And unlimited service, by definition, means you're often paying for usage levels you may never need or reach. Our Usage Alerts service gives you that same expansive protection but lets you decide when you need more service. And because it's a no contract service plan, you never feel trapped.

We're here for you.

Our unique and free Usage Alerts service is just one example of how we look out for our customers. We're proud of our other ways, too. We provide the best no contract cellphone plans in America, with low prices, flexible choices, wide coverage, and friendly, U.S.-based customer support. Plus, we offer special big button cellphones for seniors and give AARP members special discounts.

Our customers speak:

“Thank you for hiring such qualified and respectful people. We switched over today!” — Aggie R.
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