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Am I billed for incoming calls?

Cell phone plans are measured in minutes, and both incoming and outgoing calls use minutes. You are billed only if you answer the call, so if you don't recognize the number of the person calling, don't answer.

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Is it free to call 800 numbers?

You are not charged a long-distance fee for calling an 800 number; however, you are still using minutes on your plan.

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What do "roaming" and "long distance" mean?

"Roaming" refers to where you physically are when placing a call. "Long distance" refers to the area code you are calling.

  • Roaming. On Consumer Cellular plans, there are no roaming charges, no matter where you are in the U.S.
  • Long distance. On Consumer Cellular plans, there are no long-distance charges for any calls within the U.S. Just like local calls, long distance calls simply use minutes from your plan.

Note: If you travel outside the U.S., your phone should not work (this includes cruise ship travel). If it does, you should plan on paying at least $1-3 per minute. To make matters worse, if your phone rings, you are billed — even if you don’t answer it. Our advice is to leave your phone at home.

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What is your guarantee?

We have a 30 days, 30 minutes, 30 texts, or 30 MBs guarantee for all our phones. If you are not satisfied within 30 days, 30 minutes, 30 texts, or 30 MBs of usage (whichever comes first), just cancel and pay nothing. No questions asked.

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