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What is included in the $10 plan?

The $10.00 plan is our emergency plan. It's a great plan for someone who just wants a cell phone in case of an emergency. You pay the lowest monthly fee possible and only pay for minutes if you use them. You can call whomever you want within the U.S. The plan is $10.00 per month, plus tax, and 25¢ per minute of use. Most customers on this plan only use 20 minutes or less per month, and sometimes none at all. If you feel you would use the phone more frequently, we have many other plans that have included minutes.

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How many plans do you offer?

Consumer Cellular offers several plans designed to meet a wide range of needs: from minimal monthly usage to 5,000 minutes a month. We keep our rates low and never make our customers sign contracts. For details, visit our Plans page.

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Do you offer family plans?

Consumer Cellular offers family plans, featuring shared minutes and free calls between all phones on the same Consumer Cellular account. For only $10.00 a month per line, you can add additional family members to your plan. You can make this change at any time. Just log in to My Account or call our Customer Support team at 1-888-345-5509.

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Do your plans have free night and weekends?

All our plans are anytime minutes, so you can use your phone whenever you want. Our plans don't have free nights and weekends because we've found that most customers use very little time during those periods – which is why other carriers give them away for free.

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Do my unused minutes roll over each month?

Our plans start over every month without rollover minutes. Most plans with rollover minutes start at $50 per month, require a two year contract and only provide about 400 anytime minutes for that price. Any additional minutes are charged at 40-45¢ per minute.

On the other hand, our plans provide generous anytime minutes, require no contracts and only charge 10-25¢ per minute for additional minutes.

Since we provide you with more anytime minutes each month, you're actually less likely to have overages with one of our plans than with a rollover plan. If you're on a rollover plan and have accumulated more minutes than you can use, you're probably paying too much for your plan. We can save you money by switching to one of our plans.

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What are the different Text & Data plans?

Consumer Cellular offers Internet access and text/picture messaging through our Connect! service. For web-enabled phones only. (Note: not all phones are web capable).

  Messages Data (Web) Monthly Charge
Connect! Lite 100 10MB $2.50
Connect! Ready 500 50MB $5.00
Connect! Active 1,000 100MB $10.00
Connect! Complete 5,000 500MB $20.00
Connect! Max 15,000 2GB $30.00

Note: Due to the extremely large amount of data required to watch videos (on Netflix or YouTube), stream music, or download large files, we recommend doing these activities when you're connected to a Wi-Fi network.

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