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International Rates How to place affordable international long-distance calls from your cellphone.

Stay in touch, even when the distance is vast.
When you make an international call on your cellphone, you use minutes from your plan. In addition, there is a per-minute international charge (see International Rate Table and Country Codes below).

Calling from the U.S. to Canada and Caribbean.
These calls do not require 011 or a country code. For these countries, dial the number just like any U.S. long distance number:

1 + area code + number + SEND

Calling from the U.S. to other countries (except Canada and Caribbean).
In general, to dial from the U.S. to another country, you'll need the country code (see International Rate Table and Country Codes below). Once you have the country code, dial:

011 + country code + number + SEND

Calling from outside the U.S.
The international rates listed below apply to calls placed while in the U.S. However, Consumer Cellular devices will not be able to connect to our cellular network outside of the U.S. While traveling internationally, we recommend powering your phone off or placing a smartphone into airplane mode. Here’s a tip for smartphone users: while in airplane mode, connect to a Wi-Fi network and use an App like Google Hangouts, Skype or FaceTime (for iPhone). These apps allow you to make voice or video calls back to the U.S. at no charge. Testing this functionality before leaving the country is also recommended.

Sending or Receiving International Text Messages
Text messages sent to an international phone number will not be deducted from the number of texts on your Consumer Cellular Connect plan. However, there will be a charge of $0.05 for any international text messages you send.

Text messages you receive from outside the U.S. are treated like standard text messages. They will be deducted from the number of texts on your Connect plan, but there are no additional charges.

International Rate Table and Country Codes.

Click on the first letter of the country name to display country codes and international calling rates:


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